Cavendish Update 2/16/18: SB Mtg/News/Workshop


Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year

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 2/16/18 Cavendish Update

1. Cavendish Select Board Meeting 2/12/18

2. Cavendish Related News

3. Cavendish to Sponsor Hydroponics Workshop

4. Spaghetti Benefit-Save the Date

5. Events

1. CAVENDISH SELECT BOARD MEETING 2/12/18 Select board (SB) meetings are recorded by Okemo Valley TV and are available at their website and on Comcast Television.  Written minutes are available at the town’s website. The following action was discussed/taken at Monday night’s meeting:

•  The paving of 131 from Downers 4 corner to 103 continues to be pushed back by the state. This year’s reason is lack of money as well as structural and drainage issues that need to be addressed before paving can begin.

• Outter Limits Brewery, which is being planned for the Proctorsville Green, provided the SB with their parking plans for staff and visitors. No opening date has been given.

Approved and signed Mascoma Bank Promissory Note in the amount of $40,000 for a term of one year at an interest rate of 2.60 %.This amount represents tax refunds and credits as a result of the Castle Hill and Cavendish Pointe Hotel Condominiums appeals.

• Provided updates on summer projects: repaving local roads will start end of July/beginning of August; replacement of the Town Wastewater Treatment Plant’s Aeration System will begin late July/early August and will be on-line the latter part of September; utility pipes/lines on the Depot Street Bridge will be moved under the Black River, boring is scheduled for around July 1; the new town garage should be in place by the end of July

• Provided updates on other projects-Using Mitel phone system now for the town Office; secured  funds to remove pine trees from the Cavendish Cemetery; Town Reports are at the printer and will be mailed out shortly; Safety lights for the CTES crosswalk will be installed this spring

For a more in-depth report see The Dish.


New Principal for Green Mountain Union High School: At Tuesday night's Green Mountain Unified School District (GMUSD) board meeting, after reviewing evaluation forms from students, parents and teachers, as well as interviewing the candidates themselves, the board voted unanimously to offer the Green Mountain Union High School principal position to Lauren Fierman. She is currently the Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment at Regional School District No. 8 in Hebron, CT and has previously worked as a district data coach, an English department chair and a middle school teacher.

TRSU Budget Meeting Cancelled: A Two Rivers Supervisory Union meeting scheduled for Feb. 15, was cancelled at 2:30 pm. According to the SU, the postponement was a result of not posting the agenda on its website at least 24 hours ahead of the meeting as required by Vermont’s Open Meeting Law. his is not the first time TRSU has run afoul of the statutes that govern public meetings. Earlier this year, The Telegraph alleged in a formal complaint that the GMUSD board and executive committee had violated the law by holding closed door meetings in which discussion of budget cuts in overall staffing were held under an exemption for evaluating and disciplining individual staff members. Chester Telegraph

VT Can Regulate Voice Over Internet: VOIP is a technology that allows telephone service to be delivered over the internet, instead of over traditional phone lines. Ever since the technology was introduced, states have been fighting with cable companies about whether the service should be regulated, like telephone service, or if it is merely information traveling over the internet, which states do not have the authority to regulate. In a unanimous decision, the Public Utility Commission found that VT can regulate the service under federal law. However services like Skype are called "nomadic," because the user can access it anywhere, and the courts have made it very clear that states can't regulate the nomadic service. VPR

Legislature Considering Registration Fee for VT Airbnb: Lawmakers are debating a bill that would require people who use Airbnb, and other online short-term rental companies, to register with the state. If the bill is passed as written, Vermont would become the first state in the country to develop a statewide registry for people who rent out their homes with companies like Airbnb. VPR

3. CAVENDISH TO SPONSOR HYROPONICS WORKSHOP: The Cavendish Energy Committee will sponsor a workshop on Tuesday, February 27th at 6:00 p.m. to be held in the Cavendish Town Office meeting room on the subject of Hydroponics.

Casey Hodge of Southern Vermont Hydroponics in Mount Holly will present the workshop. He will discuss suitability for southern Vermont climate, and practicality of growing our own fresh food year round. His presentation will include a general overview of the different types of hydroponics and the most used and useful growing methods for the home. Also, he will address the reasons why we should grow this way, including the economies and advantages over traditional agriculture. He will also include examples of plants and equipment.

An underlying reason for our concern with energy is the state of our natural environment and the need for people to live more sustainably. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil. While the practice of hydroponics has been around for hundreds of years, the issue of sustainability has taken on new meaning in our world today and hydroponics is one way of helping to feed us. NASA is studying hydroponics for future space missions, and countries such as Holland and Canada have many acres of hydroponic systems producing a variety of crops.

Anyone from any town may attend the workshop. The Cavendish Town Office is located at 37 High Street in Cavendish. Light refreshments will be served at the workshop. For additional information please contact Karen Wilson at 203-550-7430.

4. SPAGHETTI BENEFIT-MARCH 1-SAVE THE DATE: A parent of a CTES first grader has undergone brain surgery for a recurring cancer. A spaghetti dinner fundraiser is being planned for March 1 to help with expenses. In addition to the dinner, there will be a silent auction of themed baskets (local eatery gift certificates, gas cards etc.) If you would like to help with the supper or have something to donate, please contact Lisa Marks


FEBRUARY 18 (SUNDAY): FACE OFF!!-Hockey Match between Proctorsville Fire Department and Chester Fire Departments has been cancelled due to weather.


 FEBRUARY 22 (THURSDAY): Sit N Knit at the Cavendish Library from 5-7.

For information on upcoming events, go to the Cavendish Connects Calendar. For area events, check the Okemo Valley Chamber of Commerce calendar.