Phone and Internet Services

While there are three companies offering service, it is best to check with your Cavendish neighbors about what they are using and how satisfied they are with their provider. All three companies offer “bundles” of phone, Internet and TV. 

TDS | Ph. 802-228-9911 or 866-571-6662
The primary carrier for Cavendish  

Comcast | Ph. 866-942-1341
Has limited service area in Cavendish.

 VTel | Ph. 802-885-4444 http://www.vermontel.com
Because they offer wireless Internet service, they are generally the carrier for the most remote areas. Located in Springfield, VT. 

Note: Free Wi-Fi is available at the Cavendish Library in Proctorsville, 573 Main Street. No password is required. It will appear as CTES in your Wi-Fi options list. 

Electric Companies

Ludlow Electric | Ph. 802-228-7766
Serves primarily Proctorsville 

Green Mountain Power | Ph. 888-835-4672 

Cell Phone

Depending on your location and need, some Cavendish residents use cell phone and Internet only, while others have found that their land line plus internet, is cheaper, opting for pre paid cell service, such as Tracfone, when needed. Cell phone signal boosters are an option to improving reception at home. 

Television and Cable

Cable services, which you can obtain as part of bundles with phone and Internet, include:

Comcast | Ph. 866-942-1341 

Dish TV | Ph. 877-990-6594 

Direct TV | Ph. 800-531-5000

Video Streaming
Very popular with a lot of residents, if you are not familiar with this option, check out "How Streaming Video and Audio Work" 


To help with heating and electric bills, check out Efficiency Vermont, which provides technical assistance, rebates, and other financial incentives to help Vermont households and businesses reduce their energy costs with energy-efficient equipment, lighting, and approaches to construction and major renovation. 

Fuel Oil

There are a number of companies providing heating oil and propane; you may wish to also check the Yellow Pages.  

Cota & Cota | Ph. 802-228-8866

The Fuel Club | Ph. 603-477-1940
A large buying group that only contracts with firms that provide service as well as fuel. 


If you are heating with wood,  please be sure to follow the Guidelines of the U.S. Fire Administration guidelines for Fireplace and Home Fire Safety. Order your wood far enough in advance so that it is seasoned by the time you need it. There are three suppliers in Cavendish:

Palmer | Ph. 802-226-7461

Star Hill Lumber | Ph.802-226-7045