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7/21/17 Cavendish Update

1. Cavendish Robbery / Protect your property

2. Cavendish Related News

3. Concert Series-Alison Turner

4. Town Wide Tag Sale-One Week Away

5. Job Opening-Will Train

6. Events

1. CAVENDISH ROBBERY/PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY: According to a press release from the VT State Police, on July 16th, 2017 at approximately 2:00 pm the Vermont State Police responded to the report of a burglary in the town of Cavendish. The investigation determined that the burglary occurred sometime between July 14th and July 16th, firearms were among other missing items. If you have any information in regards to this burglary please contact the Vermont State Police at 802-722-4600. This incident took place on Rt 131, and according to additional information posted to the Cavendish VT Facebook page, the robber(s) broke the locked gun case, destroying it in the process. A second person commented that their basement door was tampered with and someone tried to take their tractor.

Speaking with Lt. French at the VT State Police (VSP) Westminster Barracks, we learned that there have been four reported robberies in Cavendish since April. Like other towns, a large number of burglaries are drug related.

As far as protecting your property, French stated that one of the best deterrents is an alarm system that sounds when someone tries to break-in. Some people are using game cameras for surveillance, which are often destroyed by the robber. It is better to use Wi-Fi cameras, where data is stored in the Cloud and will be there even if the camera is damaged.  

In the event of a theft, for property valued at $500 or more, if you can provide make, model and serial number, VSP will register it with the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), which can aid in recovery. Note that for college students, many campuses offer a personal property registry.

French noted that while there are a number of Home Security Systems on the market-check PC’s The Best Smart Home Security Systems of 2017 - the best security system is a good neighbor who will keep an eye on your property if you are away.

Other ways to protect your property:

The digital age benefits robbers. They know where you live, what you have, where you are, and how long you might be away, Reduce the risk by:

• Not posting plans for vacation, business trips etc. to social media sites (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, FourSquare)

• Not sharing your address

• Only sharing with friends

• Refraining from posting pictures, or “we’re here” identifiers while you are away.

• Evaluating your profile data

For more tips check out How Burglars are Using Social Media

Keep firearms in a safe: Store them in gun safes, which are bolted in place and out of view. Safes from manufacturers such as Cannon, Fort Knox and Liberty Safe, serve multi purposes-including theft protection as well as protection against flooding, fires and other disasters. They will also protect the finish of the guns.

Do not leave keys in cars, tractors or any other equipment that is stored outside.

Prevent tool theft by:

• Painting tools a bright color

• Putting your name on tools using a Dremel tool that will engrave your name

• Locking up tools

• Adding a siren alarm padlock to chained tools

• Writing down the serial number for all tools

• Not buying stolen tools

Additional tips Protect Yourself Against Home Break Ins from State Farm


Black River Water Testing Results- Not Safe: The E.coli levels as of Wed. July 19 at the Cavendish Gorge area (276 CFU) and Greven Field (248 CFU) indicated that they are not safe for swimming and recreational use. The EPA’s upper limit for swimming is 235 CFU. These higher numbers are most likely due to Monday night’s storm. If there is no rain, and the water looks clear, it may be okay for weekend swimming

Two nearby sites had better test results-Buttermilk Falls (62 CFU), and, Little Ascutney Rd (62 CFU). However, Downers Covered Bridge on Upper Falls Rd (387 CFU) was also found to be unsafe for recreational purposes. Please note that it is recommended to stay out of the rivers and lakes within 24 hours of a heavy rain, or anytime the water looks cloudy, as Ecoli levels can be a lot higher at these times. Thank you BRAT and Okemo for providing us with this invaluable service. To check other sites that are tested on the Connecticut River watershed, go to

DMV Facial Recognition System Deemed Illegal: A facial recognition system in place at Vermont's Department of Motor Vehicle has been suspended indefinitely after a review by the state's Attorney General found that the system violates state law. The finding by Attorney General TJ Donovan’s office confirms what the Vermont chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union said in May when the group called for a stop to the program: A state law passed in 2004 explicitly prohibits the DMV from using biometrics. VPR

 3. CONCERT SERIES 7/26/17: ALISON TURNER: The Cavendish Community and Conservation Association on behalf of the Town of Cavendish invites everyone to the Cavendish Music Series on Wednesday, July 26th at 6:00 p.m. when Alison Turner takes the stage on the Proctorsville Green. This will be the fourth of the 2017 concerts that are held on consecutive Wednesday evenings in July and August.

Returning for the second year in Proctorsville, the American singer-songwriter hails from the small town of Royalton, Vermont. As a self-managed songstress, she records and performs a “heartfelt” and unique style of alternative indie pop. Having started writing songs at the age of seven, Turner has developed over the years into the introspective, creative songwriter she is today.

The concert is free and open to everyone, not just Cavendish residents, so join your friends and neighbors in front of the gazebo on the green. Bring a blanket or a comfortable chair, have a picnic, or just lie back and relax on the grass. It’s a fun way to enjoy the summer weather and either reconnect with old friends or make new ones. 

For more information please call Robin at 226-7736. In the event of rain, postponement information will be reflected on the Cavendish Facebook page.

4. TOWN WIDE TAG SALE: Just one week until the Annual Town Wide Tag Sale on July 29 (Saturday) from 9-2. Sponsored by Cavendish Connects, if you wish to register for space at either of theVillage Greens, or have your site listed, send an e-mail to or call 802-226-7807. Please note that the more information on sale items you provide, the more shoppers you will attract.

We are accepting photographs of items vendors have for sale, which will be turned into Facebook albums and posted to the Cavendish VT Facebook page. We will only post one album per vendor. Pictures should be e-mailed to

For more information and to see who has already registered, go to 7th Annual Town Wide Tag Sale page of The Dish.

5. JOB OPENING-WILL TRAIN: Interested in getting your commercial driver’s license (CDL)? Cavendish Town Elementary School is desperate for a bus driver for the 2017-2018 school year and are willing to pay for CDL training and bus license certification. The job entails four - six hours per day plus field trips for the school and After School Program. Good opportunity for someone who has taken early retirement.   If you are interested in this opportunity, please  George O Thomson, Principal 802-226-7758 or Email:


JULY 19 (WEDNESDAY): Summer Concert on the Proctorsville Green begins at 6 pm. This week features Alison Turner

For information on upcoming events, go to the Cavendish Connects Calendar. For area events, check the Okemo Valley Chamber of Commerce calendar.