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 2/24/17 Cavendish Update

1. Cavendish Related News

2. Murdock Returns to Proctorsville

3. CHS Annual Meeting-March 5

4. Jazz, Blues & Soul, Wanda Houston-Raise the Roof Concert Series

5. Events



Town Garage Update: As a result of the fire on Feb. 15, "Big Red" is dead. The other two trucks are undergoing assessment and refurbishing. The town was to take purchase on a replacement for “Big Red” by Friday, Feb. 24. Surrounding towns are loaning trucks, so in short, the Highway Department is in good shape to deal with the storms and mud that lay ahead. As far as the garage itself, they're still waiting on the final word from the insurance adjustor but it's clear that significant work will be needed. It's hard to see a silver lining in the middle of debris, smoke and soot, but the upcoming clean up and repair will make room for some much-needed improvements.

Pollard Family Assistance: For those wanting to know how to help the Pollards recover from their recent house fire, please check The Dish for Regular Updates.

Community Luncheon Date Change: Due to Town Meeting Day Elections (March 7), the Community Luncheon at Gethsemane Church has been rescheduled for March 14 at noon.

Free Community Meal:  Black River Good Neighbor (BRGN) and the United Church of Ludlow are offering a Free Community Meal at the United Church of Ludlow, 46 Pleasant Street on Sunday, March 5 at 5 PM. Everyone is invited to this delicious home cooked meal.  The event is an outreach program of the BRGN services “Our Community Cares,” established for individuals and families to receive a nutritious meal within a warm welcoming community setting.

LPCTV Survey: The Board of Directors is evaluating the LPCTV brand and seeking community input. Your feedback is important. If you have not done so already, please take a moment to complete the brief survey on-line.  


2. MURDOCK RETURNS TO PROCTORSVILLE: In 1886, Herbert T Murdock bought into the firm of Hayward, Taft, and Burbank and took over the management, which owned the Proctorsville Mill. By 1890, Murdock had complete control over the Mill and added a large brick addition of four stories. By 1916, the Proctorsville’s Mill, locally known as Murdock’s was specializing in cassimere and doeskins. H.T., as he was known, was an influential member of the community. His wife Cora promoted culture and social advancements and even purchased what today is Crows Bakery and Cafe to be used as a library and social gathering spot for employees and community.

With his death, in 1916, the Mill underwent a series of owners and for different uses, until it burned in 1982, when it was being leased by Acousta Phase. With many of the buildings gone, a new age was ushered into Proctorsville under the leadership of the town manager at that time, Rich Svec, resulting in the green, gazebo and the revitalization of Proctorsville Village.

Murdock has returned to Cavendish in the form of a pub in one of the remaining mill buildings. Opened on February 17, 2017, to the cheers of many in Cavendish, it’s designed to be a local’s place where you can relax for a few hours, grab a quick bite and catch up with friends. In the summer, you’ll be able to sit on the porch and enjoy the concerts. Currently open from 4-10 pm, Murdock’s on the Green is offering craft beers, fine wines and the all-important comfort food (burgers, bangers and mash, pasta and fish of the day etc.).

The owner is Etienne Ting, who with his wife Pang, owns Moonlite Meadows Farms in Cavendish. So yes, this is a farm to table pub. For the full story, go to the CHS article Murdock Returns to Proctorsville.


3. CHS ANNUAL MEETING-March 5: The Annual Meeting of the Cavendish Historical Society will be March 5 (Sunday) from 3-5 pm at the Cavendish Baptist Church Parish Hall, 2258 Main St., Cavendish.

In addition to the business agenda, there will be a special program “Cavendish Believe It or Not!” There are many Cavendish stories that people don’t know about. Yes, Phineas Gage’s and his famous accident ushered in the age of brain research. However, another medical curiosity lived here for at least 10 years. Alexis St. Martin revolutionized the understanding of gastroenterology with his permanent hole in his gut. A bit gory, and definitely strange, but oh so fascinating.

With the snows of February, its fun to remember that at one time Cavendish had both a topnotch bobsled run and its very own ski hill. As part of February’s Black History Month, we have once again revisited the amazing story how an African slave, Peter Tumber (Tumbo) became free, moved to Cavendish and died here in 1832 at the age of 106. Then there is Clarence Adams. Just who is buried in his grave? Turns out he visited with a friend in Montreal after his supposed death and burial. He was also spotted in Nova Scotia and still later in Florida. We’ve recently learned that a “zombie” movie was filmed in Proctorsville. Called Incantation, and lasting less than 10 minutes, it featured some of our local residents. If you have other tales you’d like to share, we’d love to hear them.

In addition to the review of CHS’s finances, the business agenda will include:

• How to honor Carmine Guica-Suggestions to date have included: restoration project; renaming Young Historians to the Carmine Guica Young Historians Program; scholarship fund; fund to help local kids research aspects of Cavendish history

• The 100th Birthday of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and how we would like to recognize that

• The renovation of the Stone Church

The meeting and program are free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be served. FMI: or 802-226-7807


4. JAZZ, BLUES & SOUL WANDA HOUSTON-RAISE THE ROOF CONCERT: On Sunday March 5, Proctorsville’s Raise the Roof winter concert series will resume with a stellar performance by the beautiful Wanda Houston, known for her soulful singing of blues, funk, jazz and dusky romantic standards. Houston will be joined on stage by the renowned Eugene Uman on keyboard and Dave Picchi on acoustic bass. 

The concert is at 4:00 at Gethsemane Church on Depot St.  Admission is $10 at the door.



FEBRUARY 28 (Wednesday): The legal voters of Cavendish are warned that there will be an informational meeting on Article 2 of the Annual Town Meeting Warning, which reads, Shall the legal voters of the Town of Cavendish approve the issuance of a municipal bond in the amount not to exceed $790,000 for the purpose of complete replacement of the Town Wastewater Treatment Plant Aeration System. The meeting will take place at the Cavendish Town Office, 6 pm on Tuesday Feb. 28th. Voting on this article will be by Australian Ballot on March 7 between the hours of 10-7 at the Cavendish Town Elementary School.

For information on upcoming events, go to the Cavendish Connects Calendar. For area events, check the Okemo Valley Chamber of Commerce calendar.