Helping the Pollard Family

One of the children's bedrooms post fire. 

One of the children's bedrooms post fire. 

Updated 3/26/17

At 2 am on Feb. 15, fire broke out at the Pollard’s home on Main Street in Proctorsville, next to Singleton’s. Thanks to the incredible response from Proctorsville and Cavendish Fire Departments, assisted by 8 other towns, their home, that’s been in the family since the 1800s, was saved along with pets and family.  Unfortunately, the barn was lost and there is significant damage to the house. The fire started in the attic of a breezeway that connected the house to the barn.

Because the family does not have insurance, the community is mounting a response to help them as follows:

• Join the Lotsa Helping Hands website that has been set up to help address various needs, such as participating on a work crew, cleaning dishes, doing laundry, providing meal etc. 

Donate money directly to Pollard LaValley’s account set up in their name. You can do this by credit card and phone (802-228-4665). Ask for Becky. 

Donate to the collection jar at the Cavendish Library.

Join the work crew or help with food:April 29-Saturday (cleaning the yard) 10-4.

There are many cleaning, painting and other tasks that need to be done. If you can spare an hour, it can make a difference in helping them get home sooner. 

FMI: 802-226-7807 or