Cavendish Select Board Meeting 5/9/16

Select board (SB) meetings are recorded by LPC-TV and are available at their website and on Comcast Television.  Written minutes are available at the town’s website.  The following action was taken at Monday night’s meeting:

Telecommunications: A report on the recent activities of the Telecommunications was given to the SB, which can be downloaded in PDF format. Highlights included that the town is at the top of the list for Connectivity Funding from the state, with at least 134 addresses qualifying as unserved for Internet service. As soon as the state releases the request for proposal (RFP) the committee will meet with Comcast, who is one of the few providers in the state that can actually provide sufficient speeds. TDS experienced a glitch in the new 10G system and are in the process of making repairs. Internet TDS customers can expect to see a real improvement in mid June, including some areas qualifying for 25 Mbps service. It should be noted that TDS’s top speeds would be equivalent to Comcast’s slowest speeds.


Cavendish Fire District #2: Michael Slack, Chair of the Prudential Board, has moved to California for work, leaving a vacancy on the board. The SB appointed Stewart Lindberg to fill his position until the District’s next annual meeting, which isn’t until February 2017


Emergency Operations Plan: The board approved and adopted the 2016 Local Emergency Operations Plan and re adopted for 2016 the NIMS (National Incidence Management System) for Town emergencies.


Highway Grants: Three grants were submitted for various Town highway activities. While no information is available about one grant, the Town has been notified that they will receive funding for the culvert work needed on Greenbush Rd. The paving request was denied. However, by submitting this grant, which was viewed as a long shot, it positions the town for a better chance of funding for next year.


Cemetery: The crew from last year will once again be working in the cemeteries. The VT Youth Conservation Core will be in town for two weeks and will be engaging in such activities as removing the chain link fence around Hillcrest Cemetery in preparation for a replacement. Repairs continue on the vault at Hillcrest and should be completed by the end of the summer, making it a sound structure good for many years to come.


Memorial Day: In spite of the Depot Bridge closing, the parade will be in Proctorsville, ending at Hillcrest Cemetery. Events take place on Monday, May 30 with the program at the school starting at 10:30 and the parade at 11:30


Green Up Day: Fifty volunteers participated in the annual event, with at least 64 bags of trash collected along with other larger items, some of which the Town Highway Dept. had to pick up on Monday.


Flood Hazard Area Regulations: The SB will meet on May 23 at the Cavendish Town Office at 5 pm to review the revised draft of the Flood Hazard Area Regulations in anticipation of a public hearing for adoption in the near future.