Water Conservation Notice June 7-11

Reduce use.jpg


Cavendish Municipal Water System users are requested to reduce water consumption as much as possible during the time period: Sunday, June 7 th through 5 pm Thursday, June 11 th, 2015

During this period the municipal water system will have the system well off-line for cleaning and redevelopment. The system will remain operational during this period using water in the storage tanks and water quality should not be affected.

Your cooperation is needed and all users are urged, wherever possible, to defer activities which may require large amounts of water until after 5 pm Thursday, June 11th.

With good user cooperation and conservative use there should be an ample supply of water for normal household use throughout this period and there should be no interruption of service. Thank you for your cooperation!

Further information on this matter may be obtained by calling 226-7291 during office hours. Thank you for your cooperation.