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  2. Recycling Yard Waste at the Cavendish Transfer Station
  3. Tiemann Chapter 17 Cavendish Memoirs/Gagging Wood Need
  4. Goodman’s Pizzamobile to Help Community Fund
  5. Chris Kleeman Plays at Proctorsville Concert on the Green – Wednesday, July 8th
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Water Recall Affecting Brands at Shaw’s, Hannafords and Runnings: Niagara Bottling has found e-coli in one of its water sources and is recalling all spring water products produced at the company's facilities in Hamburg and Allentown, Pennsylvania between 3 a.m. June 10 to 8 p.m. June 18 were recalled. At least one Cavendish resident has been affected after purchasing Niagara water from Runnings. Niagara Press Release 
VTel Now Has a Tower in the Area: According to VTel Wireless, a new tower has been installed in Proctorsville. Further investigation indicates the tower is fairly low and will primarily benefit those in the villages. They will not provide the location of the tower so if you want to know if it will meet your needs, please call 885-4444,.
The Origins of the CHS Plant Sale: No one seems to remember the exact date, but at least 35 years ago, Craig Rankin started a plant sale to raise money for the Cavendish Historical Society (CHS). With Craig's passing in 2008, his legacy of the plant sale continues. This year the sale will be on Saturday, June 27, from 9-2 at the CHS Museum on Route 131 in the Village of Cavendish. There will be many different varieties of hosta, along with other types of perennials (iris, day lilies, pachysandra, ginger, forsythia, Lady's Mantle and more). For the first time, we have tomato plants all ready for your porch or patio. To learn more about the sale and Craig Rankin go to the CHS Blog.

 New First Grade Teacher at CTES: At Tuesday night’s CTES board meeting, Cavendish resident Chrissie Chambers was hired to replace Peggy Svec who has retired after 32 years at CTES. Interviews are still underway for the 2nd grade position. Note that this will represent a change from the multi-age FANS unit. This coming September will be the first in many years where it will be one teacher, one grade.
Solar in Cavendish: In addition to the town’s solar array, which you can see from the Cavendish Transfer Station, there are at least eight homes that have arrays on their property. Currently, Cavendish is one of the participating towns in the Solarize Makes Sense program, which offers property owners a chance to have their home’s solar potential assessed for free, and an easy/cheaper way to install it if appropriate. Be aware that if you want to consider solar, you need to do this now, as the program ends in September. You can see Cavendish properties with arrays at The Dish. 

New Bubble Chair for Jackson Gore: It maybe summer, but for all those die hard skiers and snowboarders, Jackson Gore will be getting a bubble chair lift to keep you warm this coming winter. Press Release 

2. RECYCLING YARDWASTE AT THE CAVENDISH TRANSFER STATION: To meet Vermont’s Universal Recycling Law pertaining to Yard Waste,  the Cavendish Transfer Station will implement the following, starting Saturday June 27:
•  Yard Waste Bin: In the area where the glass recycling use to take place, there is now a concrete bin for yard waste composting. This is where you can put grass clippings, weeds, leaves, flowers, and vegetable waste. DO NOT PUT non vegetable kitchen wastes, animal wastes or other non vegetative matter. There is no charge for this service and in time, there will be compostable materials for local use.
• Woody Brush Pile: This is a new pile that can take brush up to 3” in diameter. Brush must be stacked in an orderly fashion with all steams (butts) facing out. Brush material will be periodically chipped and the resultant shredded mulch will be available for Cavendish residential use at no charge. Material for chipping must not contain wire, rope or any other non-vegetative materials. Maximum branch length is 11’. Undecorated Christmas trees and natural wreaths (without wire) are ok. Note-NO POISONOUS OR INVASIVE PLANT SPECIES. 
• Burn Pile: Untreated wood only.
The transfer station does not take stumps or root balls.
According to town manager Rich Svec, This is a good, simple and ecologically sound  plan. It should work well, so long as transfer station users are careful to follow the procedures. It means yard waste disposal at no charge and the prospects of getting materials for soil enrichment and bed mulch from our own wastes! The stress will be on having folks be careful in what they put in the two input bunkers and to carefully deposit the brush so that stems are facing outward to facilitate pulling the material for chipping.
Download PDF files of the various signs you’ll see at the transfer station. 
Getting the wood in for the coming winter was an important summer focus for Philip Tiemann. Because gaging wood need for the coming winter was something he seemed to have difficulty doing, following Chapter 17, is information on gaging how much wood you might need for a Cavendish winter. 
To read the prelude and other chapters of Tiemann’s Memoirs go to Coming to Vermont (Cavendish): Memoirs of Philip Tiemann.
Great ready for the Pizzamobile!  Beginning with the first Cavendish Concert on the Green, Wednesday July 1st at 6:00 p.m., the Goodman’s famous wood-fired Pizzamobile will be serving hot, fresh custom ordered pizzas. With every pizza purchased, the Goodmans will donate a portion of their profits to the Cavendish Community Fund. The concerts will be held every Wednesday for seven consecutive weeks and the Pizzamobile will be there each week.
The Cavendish Community Fund since its inception in 2007 has awarded almost $30,000 in grants to Cavendish cultural and educational events. Every award comes from locally raised monies. This is just one of many fund-raisers that keep the Fund growing and Cavendish a special place to live. Plan now to come to the concerts and order your own special pizza. And of course the music will be great and the weather perfect. Win-win-win
For further information on any aspect of the grant program, please call Barbara Dickey at 226-7187.  For information on the summer concerts please call Peter LaBelle at 226-7250.
On Wednesday, July 8th at 6:00 p.m. the Vermont based master blues singer and legendary song stylist, Chris Kleeman will perform at the Cavendish summer music series on the green in Proctorsville.
A performer of great energy and focus, Kleeman provides a unique opportunity to see and hear the real thing; an artist of high energy and gritty musical performance, who's been matched up to perform in shows with musicians such as B.B. King, Taj Mahal, John Hammond, George Thorogood, Johnny Winter, Leon Redbone, the list goes on and on. Chris is well known for his sparkling interpretive skills, bringing songs from across a broad spectrum to spice up an already simmering, soulful pot of music.
This is another in the continuing series of Wednesday evening public concerts that the town of Cavendish and the Cavendish Community and Conservation Association produce for all to enjoy. Help keep the tradition alive and come to Proctorsville to enjoy a warm summer evening with your neighbors and friends in front of the gazebo on the green. Relax in the grass on your blanket or favorite lawn chair – have a picnic or just listen to the music.
As always, the concerts are free and open to everyone.  Rain dates will be announced on the Cavendish Facebook page. For more information please call Robin at 226-7736.
Upcoming activities for Cavendish this week include:
June 27 (Saturday): Annual Cavendish Historical Society Plant Sale 9-2 pm, Museum grounds Rain or shine. 
July 1 (Wednesday): 1st Proctorsville Concert featuring Gypsy Reel, 6 pm Proctorsville Green
For more information on these and other events, go to the Cavendish Connects Calendar.  For regional events, check out the Okemo Valley Chamber of Commerce Calendar.