New Yard Waste Re Cycling at the Transfer Station

To meet Vermont’s Universal Recycling Law pertaining to Yard Waste,  the Cavendish Transfer Station will implement the following, starting Saturday June 27:

•  Yard Waste Bin: In the area where the glass recycling use to take place, there is now a concrete bin for yard waste composting. This is where you can put grass clippings, weeds, leaves, flowers, and vegetable waste. DO NOT PUT non vegetable kitchen wastes, animal wastes or other non vegetative matter. There is no charge for this service and in time, there will be compostable materials for local use. Download PDF of Yard Waste Bin Sign and make yourself familiar with it. 

• Woody Brush Pile: This is a new pile that can take brush up to 3” in diameter. Brush must be stacked in an orderly fashion with all steams (butts) facing out. Brush material will be periodically chipped and the resultant shredded mulch will be available for Cavendish residential use at no charge. Material for chipping must not contain wire, rope or any other non-vegetative materials. Maximum branch length is 11’. Undecorated Christmas trees and natural wreaths (without wire) are ok. Note-NO POISONOUS OR INVASIVE PLANT SPECIES.  Download PDF of Woody Brush Pile Sign so you understand what to bring. 

• Burn Pile: Untreated wood only that isn't appropriate for the Woody Brush Pile. 

The transfer station does not take stumps or root balls.

According to town manager Rich Svec, This is a good, simple and ecologically sound  plan. It should work well, so long as transfer station users are careful to follow the procedures. It means yard waste disposal at no charge and the prospects of getting materials for soil enrichment and bed mulch from our own wastes! The stress will be on having folks be careful in what they put in the two input bunkers and to carefully deposit the brush so that stems are facing outward to facilitate pulling the material for chipping.