Celebrating Mother's Day in Cavendish

So you’re down to less than 48 hours until Mother’s Day. What to do? There are lots of places to purchase a special gift or gift certificate from a local business or organization. Use the Cavendish Connects Business and Organization Directories  to help you out.

If purchasing something isn’t in your budget this year, here are a variety of ways to celebrate Mom that won’t cost you anything more than your time.

• Share your Amazon Prime, Netflix or HBO Go password. Be sure to give her a  tutorial on how to use it.

• Give her your copy of your favorite book.

• Take a break outdoors together: a walk at Greven Field or around town.; fly a kite at Fletcher Field; go for a bike ride; visit Knapp Pond.

• Do the laundry, wash and vacuum her car, clean the house, till the soil for her garden, yard work and/or do another chore she needs to have done but has been putting off.  Top it off with her favorite home cooked meal.

• For a computer savvy Momma, consider: a photo collage that she can post to her Facebook page; create a Spotify playlist of tunes she’ll like; “friend” her on Facebook so she knows what’s happening in your world

• Don’t worry if your budget doesn’t allow you to purchase a gift certificate at the Aveda Spa at the Castle (definitely a lovely treat though), try doing the following: 

-       Hand Massage 

-       Foot massage 

-       Back Rub  

-       Home Facial

• Make her a pair of “Mom” glasses. Just download the templates- at the end of the article – print them out, cut, score, and glue. 

 • Make her a card, send her a special e-mail, spend time with and in general, let her know how important she is to you.