Cavendish Select Board Agenda 5/11/15

The Cavendish Select Board will meet on Monday, May 11, 6:30 pm at the Cavendish Town Office. The agenda will be as follows:

1. Call the Meeting to Order

2. Act upon minutes of the meetings of April 13th and May 4th, 2015

3. Sign Orders

4. Review Correspondence

5. Adjust agenda

6. Representatives of the Vtrans Accelerated Bridge Program will be in attendance for an Alternatives Presentation regarding Town Highway Bridge #58 on Depot Street in Proctorsville. This bridge was the subject of a scoping study as it is in serious need of replacement. The Scoping Report examined various alternatives including bridge rehabilitation and replacement along with a number of traffic maintenance options such as short term bridge closure, phased construction and a temporary bridge. The Report recommends replacing the entire bridge structure with traffic being maintained on an off-site detour. The public, affected property owners, emergency service providers and other stakeholders are invited to attend this presentation.

7. Hear Citizens

8. Steve Birge of the Fletcher Farm Foundation and George Timko of Black River Health Center will be present to briefly describe current activities of their organizations and take questions by request of the Board of Selectmen. These two organizations are presently exempt from town property taxes by approval of the Cavendish voters.

9. Updates on Energy Committee activities including the Solarize Program (in partnership with Reading, Windsor, Weathersfield and Brownsville) and an update on Cavendish Solar Array production and a discussion on finance planning.

10. Update on Davis Road bridge project progress.

11. Update on various town activities including spring roads, cemetery, forthcoming project activities, ERP program, recreation, transfer station, etc.

12. Town Manager to update the Board on his progress in filling the assistant position.

13. Other business

14. Adjourn