Opting for Cavendish Instead of Black Friday

It’s only been in recent years that stores are opening on Thanksgiving to get a jump on the merchandizing mayhem that ushers in the holiday season. Really, does it make sense to short change the day celebrating what we’re thankful for to wait in long lines in order to trample people purchasing items that aren’t needed, necessary and possibly not affordable? Are the leisurely post Thanksgiving dinner activities of family games, stories etc. being replaced by pouring over circulars and strategizing the “great shop?”

Consider the following ways to “opt out” and enjoy Cavendish instead:

• Sleep in on Friday and enjoy some local treats for breakfast, such as Singleton’s  bacon or a trip to Crows Bakery, with family or friends. Have lunch, or even dinner, at Proctorsville owners’s American Pie  or Ludlow Cooking Company  in Ludlow.

• The 2nd Annual Abundance Swap is on Dec. 5, so use the KonMari Approach for finding those items you want to bring. 

Participate in the Great Thanksgiving Listen Day: Record an interview with yourself or an elder by using the Story Corp App  and/or asking the following questions.

- What childhood was like

- Family traditions and how they started

- Vivid memories of school

- Courtship-how they/you met spouse/partner

- What piece of wisdom or advice they would like to share for future

Be sure to check out Researching Your Cavendish Roots

• Be in nature-use the trail at Greven Field for a leisurely hike or participate in one of the 5 K Trot it offs that are taking place in Ludlow and Springfield.

Take a Danish Hygge Break


• For this year’s gift giving, think local:

-       Make a donation in a friends name to Cavendish Connects  and we’ll be sure to acknowledge your gift. You can even have an issue dedicated to them.

-       Donate to local organizations, such as the Cavendish Historical Society,  where one of their books or other items makes a treasured gift.

-       Give the gift of experience, such as a day of being pampered at The Castle’s Aveda Spa;  a class or two at Six Loose Ladies or Fletcher Farm; a night at The Golden Stage Inn ; dinner at The Castle; or make up a gift certificate of all sorts of fun things to do in Cavendish-hiking, biking, dinning, or relaxing.

-       Cavendish has lots of tasty treats, including being the home of Old Cavendish Products’ Monkey Chews and Fruitcakes.  Check out the Food and Drink section of Cavendish’s Pinterest board to learn more. 

-       Use the Cavendish Business Directory  to purchase gift certificates for goods and services.