Alert: Water Line Insurance Advertisement

Residents are receiving a letter from HomeServe Insurance company that begins, Proctorsville homeowners may not be aware that they are responsible for the water service line on their property.” While this may appear to look like an official or governmental document, it is not and town manager Rich Svec has made it clear that the town does not endorse this company.

 This same approach has been used in other states. Svec, recommends reading an article that appeared in the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel entitled Warnings Sounded Over Offer of Water Line Insurance. 

 According to the article, HomeServe USA Repair Management Corp. correctly states that property owners are responsible for repairs on the water lines between their government's right of way and their house. The company offers insurance coverage for water laterals. But the advertising materials may trick some consumers into thinking the company is affiliated with people's local government and lead them to buy services they don't need.

 If you have concerns, please contact the town office, 226-7792.