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 1. WHITESVILLE BRIDGE: At the September Select Board meeting, concern was raised about the intersection of Center Road and Route 131. After that meeting, on Sept. 19, Mark Huntley posted the following to the Cavendish VT Facebook page. I have been working with VTRANS regarding sight impedance/obstruction on the recently completed Whitesville Bridge going east on Whitesville road heading toward Route 131. Representatives from Construction, Structures, and Traffic Operations met at the site today to discuss addressing concerns about site distance due to the new bridge rail at the intersection of Whitesville Road and VT 131. The bridge rail height was increased 5 inches to meet current design standards. The bridge rail height was increased 5 inches to meet current design standards. It is my understanding that the concern is this additional height is obstructing on coming traffic east to the intersection - For now, it was decided that a “24 inch stop bar” be painted several feet ahead of the intersection to indicate where traffic should stop to obtain optimal site distance, which is behind the bridge rail. Folks may not be accustomed to this location and may require some time to get used to. VTRANS anticipates that the stop bar will be painted this fall - if you would like I would be happy to mail you a schematic of what a "stop bar" looks like - I will keep you all updated as to progress.

On September 30, Huntley posted the following The "Stop Bar" has been added to Whitesville Road as you approach Whitesville bridge - please get back to me on your thoughts and opinions as to it's effectiveness in assisting with sight optimization effectiveness as you drive out onto 131.”You can contact Mark at


Science NECAP Test Results for CTES and GMUHS: The results of the Science New England Comprehensive Assessment Program (NECAP) tests administered last spring found the state average for students in grade was 44%. At CTES, 71% of 4th graders were either proficient or exceeded the NECAP standard. Read more about these tests from CTES Principal George Thomson at The Dish.   Vermont had a statewide average of 26% proficiency at or above for 8th graders and 30% at or above proficiency for 11th graders. GMUHS was well below the state average for both grades-20% at or above proficiency for 8th graders and 15% for 11 graders. Spring NECAP results are available at the VT Department of Education website

 Windy Hill Farms on Historic Registry Wins Barn Grant: Windy Hill Farms, known locally as the Tiemann House, on Brook Road in Cavendish, is now listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. In addition, the owners recently learned they have been awarded a state of Vermont Historic Barn Grant. Congratulations to Mary Ann and Peter. 

 Congratulations GMUHS Boys Soccer: GMUHS soccer team, featuring a number of boys from Cavendish, including co-captains Addison Provance (who scored the winning goal) and Matt Chambers, won the Josh Cole Memorial Tournament Championship on Saturday with a 1-0 in over time.

 Shaw’s Parent Company Announces Second Credit Card Breach: Similar to August, a second credit card breach has been reported at Shaw's Supermarkets. The supermarket's parent company announced Monday that malicious software was installed on networks that process credit and debit cards at their stores. The stolen information may include account numbers, card expiration dates and the names of cardholders shopping at stores in more than a dozen states, including Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. WCAX 

CDC Confirms First VT Case of E-68: Vermont has its first confirmed case of enterovirus-68. Enteroviruses are spread just like a cold or the flu, through coughing or sneezing, contact with an infected person or touching surfaces contaminated with the virus. Anyone can get infected with enteroviruses, but infants, children and teenagers are more likely to get sick. WCAX 

 Vermont’s Cell Phone Law Went into Effect on Oct 1: Drivers cannot use cellphones, iPods, MP3 players or any other hand-held electronic device while driving. A law enforcement officer can stop you for holding an electronic device. VT Digger 

 3. MISSING CAT ON MAIN STREET CAVENDISH: The following was posted to the Cavendish VT Facebook page on Thursday, Oct. 2 by April Swasey: Is anyone missing a Cat? This little sweet girl has been hanging around our house on Main ST. in Cavendish for a few weeks now. She just started to come around us in the last week she is the sweetest cat very friendly and loves kids someone has to be missing the cat. We have been caring for her feeding her but it is starting to get very cold out... She is Black with white on her belly she looks to be young maybe a year or two. Please share and ask around we really want to reunite her with her family.

 Please note that the animal control officers for Cavendish are Matt and Jill Flinn. They can be reached as follows: Ph. 802-226-7393 (Home) | 802-282-9426 (Jill's Cell) | 802-591-3334 (Matt's cell)

 4. NEW ON-LINE CAVENDISH COMMUNITY GARAGE SALE: Looking for stuff? Have items you want to sell? An on-line Garage Sale for the Cavendish Community has been set up on Facebook and is being administered by April Swasey. You will need to be a Facebook subscriber to participate in the group, and submit a request to join. FMI: Cavendish, Proctorsville VT: Online Garage Sale website. 

 5. EVENTS: Saturday afternoon is the Blessing of the Animals on the Proctorsville Green, with the Cavendish Baptist Church’s Foliage Supper starting at 5:30. On Sunday afternoon is the Dupont Brothers Concert at Gethsamane Episcopal Church off of Depot Street in Proctorsville. For information about these and other events, go to

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