Cavendish Update 5/31/19: Internet Security/103 Work plan/News



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5/31/19 Cavendish Update

1. Work schedule for 103 for 5/27/19

2. Internet Safety: Never Trust and Always Verify

3. Cavendish Related News

4. Events


1. WORK SCHEDULE ON 103 FOR THE WEEK OF 6/3/19: Anticipated Weekly Work Schedule from Pike Industries. All work is subject to change due to weather or other unforeseen delays.

Monday 6/3/19 through Saturday, 6/8/19: Continue final bonded wearing course machine paving in Ludlow, VT working toward Mount Holly. Please be aware that there will be a numerous amount of trucks along Route 103 during paving operations.  Line Striping Targets (LST) will be used for temporary line delineation. Temporary 40 MPH speed reduction package from the Ludlow fire station to the intersection of Belmont Road, Hortonville Road and VT Route 103 in Mount Holly. Continue bridge plug joints in Chester, VT just north of VT Route 10, working toward Proctorsville, VT. Begin driveway hand paving in Chester working towards Ludlow Village.


2. INTERNET SAFETY: NEVER TRUST AND ALWAYS VERIFY : A few weeks ago, at the Cavendish Tech Cafe, Jarrod Harper of VELCO, did an incredible presentation on Internet safety. Cavendish Connects and the Cavendish Library plan to offer another Tech Cafe on a Saturday in November, when we hope Jarrod will once again share the latest on this topic. In the mean time, here are some of the “take homes” from his talk. The full report, with links for more information, is available at The Dish.

• Check sites for SSL Certification (Secure Sockets Layer): URL should start with https

• Passwords should be strong, unique, and different for each account. Consideration should be given to using a password manager.

• Change the default password of your internet router and IOT devices.

• Connect to the right Wi-Fi

• Don’t invite danger with careless/mindless clicking

• Do not click on web ads

• Don’t Save Financial Information on Shopping Sites

• Whether it’s on Facebook, other social media sites or texts via your mobile device, if you don’t know the person sending you a text, e-mail or a friend request, don’t respond.

• Keep all your software updated so you have the latest security patches.

• Only download apps from official app stores

• Careful What You Post : There are no “take backs” with what you post, or even what’s posted about you.



Springfield Hospital Plans to Declare Bankruptcy: Springfield Hospital is likely to declare bankruptcy in the next month or so, interim CEO Mike Halstead said Wednesday. The hospital has scheduled a series of information sessions around the region to update the public on the status of the organization, and at a meeting in Springfield Wednesday Halstead said a Chapter 11 bankruptcy declaration was imminent.  Springfield Hospital lost about $14 million over the past two years. The organization closed its childbirth center, laid off almost 30 staff members and made changes to its emergency department to save money. Halstead said the health care organization would still likely lose up to $3 million this year. He said the board will probably begin the bankruptcy proceedings soon to begin restructuring  its finances. Halstead said the bankruptcy process will also require Springfield Hospital to come up with a long range plan toward sustainability which he says will most likely mean having another health care system take over the business. VPR

Sweeping Changes Proposed to Chester Zoning: T he Town of Chester is undergoing the most comprehensive overhaul of its zoning regulations and zoning districts since they were first enacted more than 40 years ago. The Unified Development Bylaws – as they are known – have been completely revamped and, if approved by the Select Board as written, will mean sweeping changes in the rules for land use in Chester. Current and prospective landowners in Chester should pay close attention to the effect this will have on their properties. In addition, these bylaws should be of interest to the wider public as they will also affect economic development and the character of the town as a whole in the future. Information sessions will take place at 6:30 on Mondays, June 3 and 17 and an open house will be at 10:30 on June 22, Saturday. All sessions will be at the Chester Town Hall.  Chester Telegraph



JUNE 6 (THURSDAY): TRSU Board Meeting, 6-8 pm at Ludlow Elementary, 45 Main St., Ludlow. Click here for the Agenda

JUNE 8 (SATURDAY): GMUHS Alumni Parade Chester

JUNE 14 (FRIDAY): GMUHS Graduation

JUNE 19 (WEDNESDAY): CTES 6th grade graduation. Proctorsville Green, 6 pm

• Last Day of School for GMUHS

JUNE 20 (THURSDAY): Last day of school at CTES

JULY 27 (SATURDAY): 9th Annual Cavendish Town Wide Tag Sale. 9-2

SEPTEMBER 14 (SATURDAY): VT Golden Honey Festival. 10-4 Part craft fair, part food festival, the VT Golden Honey Festival is a community favorite. Located on the lawn of the Golden Stage Inn, 399 Depot St. in Proctorsville. Proceeds of this event will benefit VT Coalition of Runaway and Homeless Youth (Ludlow and Proctorsville. For vendor and other information: or 802-226-7744 (Julie).

For information on upcoming events, go to the Cavendish Connects Calendar. For area events, check the Okemo Valley Chamber of Commerce calendar.