CFD May Monthly Meeting Minutes

Cavendish Fire Dept.jpg

Monthly Meeting minutes for Cavendish Fire District Tuesday May 7th 2019 7 p.m.

2153 Main Street Cavendish, Vermont


Public in attendance:  Daniel Tyrrell, Terry Ranney, Michele Lindberg(clerk) Abraham Gross, Mike Kell, Shawn Cunningham(Chester Telegraph) Rebecca Nareau.

Board in attendance: Scott Ranney, Bob Evens, Stu Lindberg  

Meeting called to order by Stu Lindberg 19:01 hours

Read and discussed secretaries report. Motion to accept by Scott Ranney, seconded by Bob Evens,

Read and discussed treasurer’s report. Motion to accept by Scott Ranney, seconded by Bob Evens

Prudential committee reorganization: Stu offered a letter of resignation to become effective at the end of the meeting: Letter reads,

May 7, 2019

“To the Cavendish Fire District 2 committee,

Effective at the adjournment of the CFD2 monthly meeting on Tuesday May 7th, 2019 I resign my position as a member of the committee. I will be continuing on as a member of the fire department and doubling my efforts, time and energy in enlisting new members, responding to calls and furthering my training as an emergency medical responder.


Stu Lindberg”

Motion by Bob Evens to accept, second by Scott Ranney.  So moved.

Stu made a motion to appoint Daniel Tyrrell, as a new member of the Cavendish Fire District 2 Prudential Committee.  Second by Scott Ranney, All in favor. So moved.

Discuss old business: No old business

Discuss new business: Engine 3 and 4 are both repaired and operational.

Deputy Chief’s report: Abe spoke to the change in leadership in the department and the challenges of the modern fire service.

Discussion with the Public: Question and Answer session with Shawn Cunningham regarding the mission of the fire department and future plans.

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 19:59 by Bob, second by Stu. So moved.