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3/22/19 Cavendish Update

1. Cavendish Related News

2. Cavendish 9th Annual Town Wide Tag Sale

3. Cavendish Community Fund Accepting Grant Applications

4. CTES Community Committee

5. Events



Proctorsville Fire Dept. not against merger, look to lead under their command: During the Proctorsville Fire Department’s latest prudential committee meeting Tuesday, March 12, PFD clarified their position on merging Fire District 1 and 2, which would create one district serving the entire area of both Cavendish and Proctorsville. Talks of a merger have become a hot topic in the town of Cavendish of late with a town of approximately 1,500 residents supporting two fire departments that sit just a few miles apart with a combined budget of approximately $200,000. The Cavendish Fire Department (District 2) has a budget of over $81,000. Proctorsville Fire Department’s proposed budget (District 1), which will be presented in April, is $119,112. In a written statement, PFD outlined their willingness to merge; but citing the current strength of their personnel numbers, the experience level and effectiveness of leadership, their ability to cover calls, along with their financial strength, and the condition and breadth of their equipment, they would look to lead the resulting merged fire department. Meetings to discuss merger so far between the two fire departments have resulted in three main issues of disagreement that have arisen during talks: payments for firefighters, command structure, and where equipment would be housed. VT Journal

Cavendish Man Arrested for Stalking: On March 20, 2019 at approximately 7:14 P.M., Troopers with the Vermont State Police responded to a call of a suspicious male on Park Place in the Town of Cavendish, Windsor County. This male, identified as Edward J. Roy III, had been harassing and stalking the victim since January, 2019. Roy was arrested and transported to the Ludlow Police Department for processing and then released. He was ordered to appear at the Windsor County Criminal Court on 3/21/19 at 12:30 P.M. for arraignment. VSP

Cavendish Women You Should Know: Barbara Phillips/Cavendish Mills: The Cavendish Historical Society, as part of its Cavendish Women You Should Know series, honors Barbara Phillips this week, who has done a great deal to preserve Cavendish history through her writing. This post includes a history of the Mill and house, she and Harold restored.

 Meat the Singletons: Purveyors of Whiskey, guns, ammo and the best you’ve ever had: Every pocket of Vermont has its own royalty. The families everyone knows. The families who’ve been around a long, long time. The families who’ve made their mark. Some produce maple syrup. Some produce cheese. Some are loggers. Some are skiers. They are Vermonters who do Vermont things particularly well and, as a result, earn local stardom. Sweet, Green Mountain stardom. In Windsor County, the Singleton family epitomizes such downhome royalty. They’re proud owners and operators of Singleton’s General Store in Proctorsville.  The one-floor store extends 7,500 square feet in a rectangular fashion, with a covered walkway out front and a backward-sloping roof, almost like a Western saloon. But make no mistake, this place is 100%, no-doubt-about-it, Vermont. Nice story from Edible Green Mountains about a place many in Cavendish hold near and dear.

This Year’s Town Meeting Marked the 25th Anniversary of Solzhenitsyn’s Farewell Address: This year's town meeting, March 4, marked the 25th anniversary of Solzhenitsyn's farewell address. In Richard Reinsch’s review of Solzhenitsyn’s Two Millstones, he wrote, "From his adopted home in Cavendish he wrote prodigiously, and upcoming editions of the Notre Dame Press catalog will bear witness to it, including Book II of his exile memoirs. Upon returning to a fledgling post communist Russia in 1994, he thanked the people of Cavendish, at where else, their town assembly. There is genuine gratitude expressed by Solzhenitsyn in this short address for the freedoms and flourishing enjoyed in the Green Mountain State. His children had grown up strong. The Solzhenitsyn’s had found their measure in Vermont, in America. Perhaps the Russian patriot touched the best of our own country while here.” Watch Solzhenitsyn’s address. Town meeting begins at about 5:00. It's amazing to see so many young familiar faces, and how poignant to see Rich Svec among them.

 Springfield Hospital to Close Birthing Center by June: After 105 years of delivering babies, Springfield Hospital has confirmed it is closing its childbirth center.  The decision was made Tuesday night at a special board meeting. Hospital officials say the move was necessary to maintain financial stability as they address ongoing problems. The number of births at Springfield has been declining, and the hospital does not have the reserves on hand to operate a service that does not support itself. Last year, 152 babies were delivered, down from 172 in 2016. VT Digger

Shaw’s Delivery Now Available in Cavendish: Place your order on-line and you can have groceries delivered to your door at a pre arranged time. Check the website for more information.

Springfield Wellness Week March 24-30: Get ready for a week of free health and wellness related activities at various locations in Springfield, including the Edgar May Rec Center and the Springfield Town Library. The second annual Springfield Wellness Week takes place Sunday, March 24 through Saturday, March 30. Attend fun and engaging activities, classes, and presentations. Learn and experience more about what health and wellness means for you. All events are free! For a full schedule check the VT Journal.


2. CAVENDISH 9TH ANNUAL TOWN WIDE TAG SALE: Does the warmer temps and longer days put you in the mood to clean? Been watching the Netflix’s tidying series KonMari? Chances are you have items you want to get rid of. Make a special box for items to sell at the 9th Annual Town Wide Tag Sale. This will take place on Saturday July 27 from 9-2. Sponsored by Cavendish Connects, if you wish to register for space at either of the Village Greens, or have your site listed, send an e-mail to or call 802-226-7807. Please note that the more information on sale items you provide, the more shoppers you will attract.


3. CCF ACCEPTING GRANT APPLICATIONS: The Cavendish Community Fund is now accepting grant applications for spring 2019 grant awards. The deadline for applying is April 30th and applications that miss that date will be considered in the fall. Grants are available for projects, programs or events that directly benefit the Cavendish community in education or the arts. A panel of local citizens reviews the applications and recommends awards based on the quality and feasibility of each proposal. The number of grants and the amount of each depend on how many applications are received.

 Since 2007 the fund has given cash grants to individuals or organizations for educational, artistic or cultural projects, programs or events. For further information on the Community Fund or on any aspect of the grant program, or for help applying, please call Barbara Dickey at 226-7187 or Peter LaBelle at 226-7250.  Requests for grants should be mailed to P.O. Box 154, Proctorsville, VT 05153. Information is also available at Crow’s Bakery on Depot Street in Proctorsville and at the Cavendish town office on High Street in Cavendish, or by e-mailing


4. CTES COMMUNITY COMMITTEE : Cavendish Town Elementary School’s (CTES) Principal Debra Beaupre would like the community’s involvement to help support the students, teachers, and parents of the school by developing and implementing activities that build community and enrich the learning environment. To that end, a group is being started for parents, grandparents, relatives, community members, teachers, paras, employees and anyone else who loves this school and wants to help. The first meeting will be March 25 from the school. The Agenda will include: Create norms for the group; Choose a name for ourselves; Discuss the programming for the remainder of the year, including new fundraising ideas; Create a list of topics people would like to address regarding school. FMI: 802-875-7758.



MARCH 24 (SUNDAY): Dinner & a Movie (A Star is Born) at the Cavendish Community Library, 1 pm, in Proctorsville. This event is free and open to the public. Donations are appreciate to help defray costs. FMI: 226-7503

MARCH 25 (MONDAY): Cavendish CTES Community Committee meets for the first time-6:30-7:30 pm at CTES. FMI: 802-226-7758.

MARCH 27 (WEDNESDAY): Public Notice of Sale, Town of Cavendish. The property to be sold is 723 Main Street, Cavendish Vermont, formally owned by Melisa K. Rhoda, Trustee of the Nancy K. Horahan Revocable Trust. This will be sold at public auction on March 27, at 1:00 pm at the Cavendish Town Office. Minimum reserve price is $45,000.

MARCH 30 (SATURDAY): Town Garage Open House, 11-1. All invited.

MARCH 31 (SUNDAY): Cavendish Historical Society Annual Meeting, 4 pm at the Cavendish Baptist Church. As part of the this event, the film “Alone in the Wilderness” will be shown. This is free and open to the public. FMI: 802-226-7807 or

APRIL 1 (MONDAY): VTrans Public Information Meeting with Pike Industries. Representatives for VTrans and Pike Industries would like to explain what happened with the Route 103 project this past summer/fall with some time to answer public questions as well. The information meeting will be held from 6-8 pm at the Ludlow Town Hall Auditorium, 37 Depot St.

APRIL 4-6 (THURSDAY-SATURDAY): GMUHS presents Beauty & the Beast, 7 PM in the auditorium each night. Matinee, 2pm on Saturday. Tickets are $10 adults; $8 Students and Seniors.

MAY 14 (TUESDAY): Cavendish Connections Tech Cafe, 6-8 pm at the Cavendish Town Library in Proctorsville. Bring your smart phone, laptop, tablet (iPad) to learn how to use them as well as how to use Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites. This will be free and open to the Cavendish community.

SEPTEMBER 14 (SATURDAY): VT Golden Honey Festival. 10-4 Part craft fair, part food festival, the VT Golden Honey Festival is a community favorite. Located on the lawn of the Golden Stage Inn, 399 Depot St. in Proctorsville. Proceeds of this event will benefit VT Coalition of Runaway and Homeless Youth (Ludlow and Proctorsville. For vendor and other information: or 802-226-7744 (Julie).

For information on upcoming events, go to the Cavendish Connects Calendar. For area events, check the Okemo Valley Chamber of Commerce calendar.