Job Opening: Cavendish Asst Sewer & Water Plant Operator


Nature and Variety of Work: Within the Town of Cavendish assists in the operation of both sewer and water plants as well as performing duties relative to the proper installation, operation and maintenance of these public utility systems. In the course of normal duties, operates equipment in:

• Water Pumping Facility
• Water Filtration Plant

• Wastewater Treatment Plant

• Wastewater System Lift Stations

Facility operations for both water and wastewater systems involve computer data entry and laboratory work. May have occasion to operate a variety of construction equipment including but not limited to: light trucks, mower, chain saw, cut-off saw, trash pumps, miscellaneous small equipment and hand tools in the performance of gegeneral public works duties for the Town. Exercises considerable knowledge of sewer and water plant operations and equipment, its uses, functions, maintenance, safety considerations and construction work processes. Helps to prepare routine and special reports related to the operation of these utility systems. Performs in-plant laboratory testing and prepares test samples to be sent to State and private laboratories for analysis and testing. May be assigned other tasks from time to time related to other Town activities including assistance to the Highway Department and Town Manager.

Normal work activities will include: on-site, in-trench, repair and construction work on water and sewer lines, service connects and other appurtenances; repair work at the water and sewer treatment facilities and water meter readings.

Employees in this classification, in the normal course of duties, will occasionally be required to work at unusual hours when water or sewer lines or equipment fail or require emergency attention or when other circumstances may warrant it. Employees in this classification may, from time to time, be placed on call-in alert status when emergency conditions or the threat of severe weather may warrant it.

Responsibility and Supervisory Relationships : Reports directly to the Chief Water and Sewer Plant Operator. Also reports to the Town Manager working under his/her general supervision as the Chief Operator is not always on site. The Town Manager provides instructions typically in terms of results (prepare reports, repair valving, etc.) The Chief Operator provides more detailed instruction on the various aspects of system operations and duties. The Assistant Operator follows through with assigned tasks and takes the initiative in performing routine duties. Is responsible for the proper and safe operation and efficient use of equipment and tools in attaining the specified task results and for overall quality of work. May occasionally be required to supervise temporary helpers in specific operations. May occasionally be required to work with and assist contractors hired by the Town to perform services upon the Town’s utility systems.

Skills Required : Position requires a good general knowledge of skill and work practices, methods, tools and equipment appropriate to water and wastewater systems operations and of public works construction and maintenance. Should have a good working knowledge of the occupational hazards and safety precautions necessary in the operation of utility equipment, power tools and working with potentially hazardous chemicals and substances. Must be able to comprehend and exercise work safety procedures as are required by the Town and the law.

Must have good communication skills and be able to effectively communicate and interact with other town staff, the customer base and the general public.

Must have the ability to keep accurate and detailed records regarding many aspects of system operation as well as work and time records. Must be able to communicate effectively including voice communications on a two-way radio and legible handwriting.

Must have good skill level in mathematics and must be capable of preparing statistical reports appropriate to plant operations. Passage of a mathematics skills test may be a pre-employment requirement.

Must have good mechanical skills and be able to safely use hand and power tools.

Health and Hygiene: Must be in good physical and mental health having good physical strength, dexterity and vision. Must be able to lift 75 lbs. May be required to have a pre-employment physical and may be required to have periodic physical examination to determine fitness for the job and physical ability to perform required tasks.

Must have health protective inoculations appropriate to the type of occupational health hazards associated with water and wastewater system duties.

Must maintain good personal hygiene and appearance.
Must wear supplied uniforms when on duty and, when appropriate, safety gear.

Education : Minimum of high school education with at least one course in basic chemistry. Specialized education related to sewer plant and water plant operation and maintenance is desirable although not an absolute pre-employment requirement. The successful candidate for this position will be required to take courses related to water and sewer system operations as may be specified by the Town and which may be necessary to meet the requirements of regulatory agency rules.

Certifications Required : The successful candidate for this position will be required to possess and maintain valid State of Vermont certifications as may be required for sewer and water plant operations appropriate to the grade required for the Town of Cavendish utility systems. These certifications are considered desirable in employment hiring considerations, however a person without such certifications may be hired with a condition of the employment being that the Assistant Water and Sewer Plant Operator must successfully obtain certain certifications within a time schedule specified by the Town Manager and Chief Water and Sewer Plant Operator.

Application Information: Please contact Town Manager Brendan McNamara at 802-226-8044 or for application details.

Ability to use personal computers is required. Experience and skill in using word processing and spreadsheet applications is desirable as a pre-employment skill.