Cavendish Update 1/4/19: TRSU/RT 103/News



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1/4/19 Cavendish Update

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2. Transfer Station News

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Cavendish, Vermont Historic Timeline Updated: In January, the Cavendish Historical Society updates the Cavendish history timeline and makes it available at The Dish.

Two Rivers Supervisory Union/School Budgets: What is the role of the board in governing the Two Rivers Supervisory Union (TRSU)? This is especially applicable in the case of the Supervisory Union where the board’s financial decisions are not subject to approval by voters. Even before the new, post-Act 46 TRSU board came into being in July, several board members had questioned the expenditure requested for Ogment, an online system for “curriculum mapping and management” developed by EvoText of Burlington, Mass., and championed by Curriculum Director Michael Eppolito. Currently TRSU is the only school system using Ogment in VT, and Fred Marin, Cavendish’s rep to the TRSU, states that he’s searched for other places that use Ogment and couldn’t find any. Chester Telegraph

There are growing concerns that this year’s budget process is not much different than last year. The teachers have been told that $500,000 needs to be cut from the budget in order keep the overall increase between 2.6% and 3.5% (cost of living). It would appear that spending funds for an unproven piece of software does not to be a cost saving measure, particularly when teachers are already using PowerSchool and Google to store data and information. Further, as was discussed at length last year, what are the goals of the TRSU? Where’s the vision? On a more practical level, since Cavendish Town Elementary School’s (CTES) principal is on a one-year contract, what is being done for evaluation? Could the school be in the same position it was last year?

Route 103 Winterization More Touching Up: According to the VT Agency of Transportation, route 103 needs a bit more work. Between Ludlow Village and Mount Holly is still “milled,” leaving the surface rough and uneven. The temporary coating along that stretch didn’t hold. Milled roadways hold more water and thus are more dangerous when they freeze. Other issues include road lines being worn away. Agency of Transportation officials inspected the road on Dec. 28 and gave Pike Industries two weeks to come up with a plan to improve safety along the portion of road in question. AOT has suggested the company put up warning signs, which it has, and make more use of raised road markers where the paint isn’t holding. Rutland Herald

Concerns Raised Over New Springfield Hospital Consulting Firm: As Springfield Hospital begins a contract with Quorum Health Resources to understand its financial woes; the hospital’s physicians and staff are sharing concerns about Quorum’s financial mismanagement and lawsuits. Quorum, the Tennessee-based company that manages about 200 hospitals in 38 states, and its parent corporation, have faced numerous lawsuits over the past two decades for negligence, fraud and secrecy. VT Digger

VT Minimum Wage Increase: In Vermont, the minimum wage increased Tuesday from $10.50 per hour to $10.78. The Vermont wage is indexed to inflation. The minimum wage for tipped employees increased to $5.39 from $5.25. The federal minimum wage is $7.25, which was last raised in 2009.


2. CAVENDISH TRANSFER STATION NEWS: A couple of quick reminders:

Mercury is in more than thermometers: It can be in gauges, switches, flame sensors and temperature probes as well as in button cell batteries. You can learn more about these devices at the VT Agency of Natural Resources website. Such items cannot be disposed in the regular trash. If you have questions, or wish to have a device checked, please call Bruce MeEnaney-226-8045.

Christmas Batteries and Lights: Just a reminder that all types of batteries can be recycled at the transfer station, along with those strands of lights that no longer work.  If you missed the special Christmas post on recycling, go to Recycling Christmas Cavendish Style.

3. EVENTS: The Cavendish Town Budget process is now underway and the Select Board will be meeting on Tuesdays and Thursdays in January from 6-8 at the Cavendish Town Office as part of this process.

JANUARY 8 (TUESDAY): GMUSD Finance Committee Meeting, 5:30 pm at CTES

JANUARY 14 (MONDAY): Cavendish Select Board Monthly Meeting 6:30 pm

JANUARY 18 (FRIDAY): Municipal utility payment due

JANUARY 21 (MONDAY): Martin Luther King Day Town Office closed

For information on upcoming events, go to the Cavendish Connects Calendar. For area events, check the Okemo Valley Chamber of Commerce calendar.