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1/25/19 Cavendish Update

  1. Cavendish Related News

2. Conditions of 103 and 131

3. Events


GMUSD Adopts a Budget: At the Green Mountain Unified School District (GMUSD) board meeting on Thursday, Jan 17, the board voted 8-3 to adopt a budget which included a new assistant principal for Chester Andover Elementary School (CAES). This position has been discussed at various meetings, and was eliminated from last year’s budget. The principal at CAES stated that she is spending 60%-70% of her day on behavior issues. Last year the school hired a full time behavior interventionist to work with the Positive Behavior and Interventions Support coordinator for $42,000. If the assistant principal is approved, this position would be eliminated and $32,000 would be added to the budget to cover a salary and benefits of $74,300 for the Asst. Principal. Some board members questioned whether adding another administrator would resolve the issue indicating that a mental health practitioner might be more appropriate.  One of the board members, Jeff Hance of Chester, said he wanted to hear from teachers directly about what they felt the needs were. However, when trying to contact them, he was told they were under a gag order and threatened with disciplinary action if they spoke to a GMUSD member. The CAES principal, denied this. Chester Telegraph

Angelo’s Bachelor Party Comes to Proctorsville: There has been considerable coverage of Angelo’s Bachelor Party, with national attention being paid to Will Novak from Arizona. Accidentally receiving an e-vite to a bachelor party of someone he didn’t know, Novak responded that he would love to come.  Thanks to a Go Fund Me page, Novak raised not only $4,000 (he only needed $750 for the airfare) but also the attention of the country. With the bachelor party being held at a friend’s ski house in Proctorsville, Bobby Glidden and Chris Marks of the Proctorsville Fire Department, escorted them to Killarney’s via a fire truck with lots of fanfare. As they reported to several news outlets, this was one of the highlights of their weekend. Read more coverage of the story at the Vermont Journal and watch the interview on Good Morning America, which includes a nice picture of Angelo’s Bachelor Party with Proctorsville Fire Dept.

Threats at Springfield State Offices: For the second time in less than a week, a bomb threat was called into the state offices in Springfield. On both occasions, the threat turned out to be a hoax. WCAX

 Scott Calls for first tax hikes, more money for clean water: Gov. Phil Scott used his budget address Thursday to call for the first proposed tax increases of his tenure, but simultaneously backed a plan to dramatically lower the estate tax paid by wealthy Having resisted any proposals for new taxes or fees, the budget he delivered to lawmakers’ desks Thursday includes both. Scott wants to increase fees by $8.5 million, the majority of which would come from fee increases on stockbrokers, mortgage lenders and other financial services professionals. Scott also wants to raise an additional $10 million in taxes, primarily from a sales tax on online purchases. Scott also wants to increase the tax on E-cigarettes to 92%, which would generate about $1 million annually. In this same speech he stated he would seek to spend $1 million in bonding available for municipal broadband in the areas that still need it. Read the full speech on line

$5,000 to Move to Vermont: Vermont is losing residents at an unsustainable rate, Gov. Phil Scott told lawmakers at his budget address Thursday. His solution: a plan to pay out-of-staters $5,000 to take a job in Vermont, any job. VT Digger


2. CONDITIONS OF ROUTES 131 AND 103: Representative Annmarie Christiansen has issued a letter regarding the conditions of both Route 103 and 131.

The challenges of driving on Routes 131 and 103 in Cavendish cannot be ignored or dismissed. Route 131 is pocked with potholes that cause expensive damage to car’s tires and suspension. The intersection of Routes 131 and 103, both of which are major arteries used by trucks and skiers, is a dangerous hazard. And to make it a perfect storm, so to speak, is the unfinished portion of Route 103 that extends to Mount Holly.

I drive these roads and know the substandard shape they are in. But, just looking outside our windows, we all know that nothing much can be done until spring.

I continue to work on the problem and spent the last week making these roads a priority with various officials in the state transportation department as well as the Southern Windsor County Transportation Advisory Committee of the Regional Planning Commission.

What has been done is that as of Friday, Jan. 18, VTrans installed additional signage on VT Route 103 in both the north and southbound lanes to assist motorists navigating through the intersection with Route 131. The state will continue to work with the contractor throughout the winter to maintain delineation as best as possible.

Jesse Devlin, VTrans Highway Safety and Design program manager, said, “Moving forward, the resurfacing project [of Route 103] will be completed in 2019, which will result in an improved pavement surface as well as the application of durable pavement markings.

“Also in 2019, the bridge on Depot Street, spanning the Black River in Cavendish, is scheduled to be replaced, and it is anticipated that this bridge will be open to traffic in December 2019. This is significant, as past traffic analysis of this intersection has indicated that when Depot Street is open to traffic, it provides relief to the intersections of Routes 103 and 131, allowing it to operate more effectively.”

I have also spoken to Anthony Summers, who is head of the regional planning commission Transportation Advisory Committee. At their February meeting, he is going to move that repaving Route 131 from Route 106 to Route 103 be the state’s top priority in our region. The complete repaving of the nine miles is scheduled to begin in 2020, but I am hoping that it can be moved up to 2019.

For any further inquiries, I can be reached at the Statehouse at 802-828-2424 or at To read VTrans response, go to


Rep. Annmarie Christensen

Windsor-2, Cavendish and Weathersfield

Perkinsville, Vt.

3. EVENTS: The Cavendish Town Budget process is now underway and the Select Board will be meeting on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-8 at the Cavendish Town Office as part of this process.

JANUARY 27 (SUNDAY): Cavendish Library Dinner and A Movie ----Crazy Rich Asians playing at Cavendish Fletcher Memorial Library, Sunday 1/27  1pm.  Food to be prepared by Kata and she has chosen a wonderful menu...Spicy Coconut Noodle Soup. Dumplings, Singapore Noodles, Roli Prata, Chicken Satay, Hainanese Chicken, Chicken Rice, Matcha White Chocolate Chip Shortbread and Sugee Cake... 

All for free although Donations are Gratefully accepted

• SunCommon in conjunction with the Cavendish Community and Conservation Association (CCCA) will host a free workshop to discuss solar power generation and battery storage; 1 pm; Crows Bakery on Depot St. in Proctorsville. FMI: Robin Timko 226-7736

FEBRUARY 12 (TUESDAY):  Cavendish Fire District #2 Annual Meeting; 7:30 Pm Cavendish Town Office. Warning information is available at the Cavendish Connects Calendar.

MARCH 4 (MONDAY): Town Meeting

MARCH 5 (TUESDAY): VOTING! Proctorsville Fire Department from 10-7.

For information on upcoming events, go to the Cavendish Connects Calendar. For area events, check the Okemo Valley Chamber of Commerce calendar.