Cavendish Fire District 2 Annual Meeting Minutes Tuesday February 13, 2018

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Cavendish Fire District 2 Annual Meeting Minutes: Tuesday February 13, 2018

 Those in attendance: Michele Lindberg, Lorens N. Lindberg, Diane McNamara, Carly Snyder, Jason Nareau, Rebecca Pixley Nareau, Shane Turco, Brian Fitzgibbons, John Turco, Karlene Glidden, Robert Glidden, Brendan McNamara, Ken Emery, Abe Gross-moderator, Robert Evens-Treasurer, Stu Lindberg-Prudential Committee chair.

 be Called the meeting to order 7:34 p.m.  Abe discussed state rules regarding agenda items and then read the meeting warning.  

Article 1 To hear and act on the auditor’s report.

Article 2 To elect officers as follows

• Moderator for one year.  (Currently Abraham Gross)

• Prudential Committee member for three year term (currently Robert Evens)

Current members are: Stuart Lindberg-term up in 2019, David Burgess, term up in 2020, Robert Evens-term up in 2018, Clerk for one year (currently David Burgess)   Tax collector for one year(Town Manager-Brendan McNamara)  Treasurer for one year(currently Robert Evens) Auditor for one year(currently vacant)

Article 3 To see if the legal voters Cavendish Fire District 2 will raise money and in what amount for the purpose of defraying expenses for the fiscal year July 1, 2018 to June 30th, 2019

 Robert Evens made a motion to approve the agenda. Bob Glidden seconded. All approved.

 Diane McNamara made a motion to add an Article 4 to the agenda called “any other business”.  Bob Glidden seconded. All approved.

 Bob Glidden made a motion to accept the Auditor’s report. Seconded by Michele Lindberg. All approved.

 Diane McNamara made the motion to elect Robert Evens for a three year term as a Prudential Committee member. Bob Glidden seconded.   All approved.

 Diane McNamara made the motion to elect Michele Lindberg as secretary for a one year term, seconded by Bob Glidden. All approved.

 Bob Glidden made a motion to elect Brendan McNamara as tax collector for one year. Seconded by Rebecca Nareau.  All approved.

 Lorens Lindberg, Sr. made a motion to elect Robert Evens as treasurer one year. Jason Nareau seconded.

 Auditor for one year. No one nominated. Position remains vacant.

 Carl Snyder made a motion to accept the proposed budget of $67,985 stating that it “seemed reasonable and responsible” Motion seconded by Lorens Lindberg, Sr.  Abe asked for discussion. Discussion ensued.    Stu Lindberg informed that voters that due to an unanticipated period of extreme cold the heating costs at the station had gone over budget by nearly $3000.  Stu made a motion to increase the budget by $3000.   This motion was seconded by Lorens Lindberg, Sr.  All approved.

 Under Article 4. Carl Snyder asked about the status of merger talks between the Cavendish Fire District 1 and Cavendish Fire District 2.  Carl gave the history of a few years back at town meeting where there was a nearly unanimous straw poll taken in favor of unifying the two departments in order to save taxpayers money and increase departmental performance.

 Stu Lindberg, to the best of his ability, explained that there exists a specific and detailed legal process for this merger to take place which includes approval by the Vermont Legislature.

 Bob Glidden stated that “it is debatable if any cost savings would be found in merging the fire departments.” Stu Lindberg stated that “it was possible to save money but  unsure of any cost savings as one never knows what kind of unexpected legal and financial burdens the state might impose upon the departments and the town while going through the process.”

 Michele Lindberg suggested that any private citizen interested in pursuing a merger take action on their own and contact the Vermont Secretary of State’s office or the Vermont League of Cities and Towns.

 John Turco made a motion to adjourn. Seconded by Bob Glidden.  All in favor.  Meeting adjourned at 8:24 p.m.