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8/24/18 Cavendish Update

1. Cavendish Select Board Meeting

2. Cavendish Related News

3. Back to School Tips for Parents of Teens

4. Events

1. CAVENDISH SELECT BOARD MEETING: Select board (SB) meetings are recorded by Okemo Valley TV and are available at their website and on Comcast Television.  Written minutes are available at the town’s website. According to the “Unapproved” Minutes from the August 13th meeting, the following action/discussions took place:

• Several members of the audience complained about the minutes from the July 9th meeting. There was board approval for language amendment but none was provided at the meeting.

• John White, a library board member expressed concern that there wasn't better cell service at the school and would like to see a cell tower installed on the hill behind the school. Note: Many people use their cell phone at the school, library and other locations once viewed as “dead areas.” Check out 9 Easy Ways to Improve Your Cell Phone Signal If you are a Comcast subscriber, using your Comcast Hot spots feature will significantly expand your calling range, provided you are using an iPhone 6 or above or a similar type of Android.

• The SB was informed that the board of Civil Authority voted to change the polling place from the Cavendish Town Elementary School to the Proctorsville Fire Department. This change will take effect in November.

• Tierney Rd residents proposed a road ordinance to block quarrying. Brendan McNamara, town manager, said that the Town Attorney reviewed the proposed ordinance and recommended that the Board not take any action while the court case was still pending.

• The SB accepted the proposal from Springfield Paving for Twenty Mile Rd in the amount of $145,728.04. If funds are left over, they will be used for repairs on Quent Phelan Rd. Note-The condition of Route 131 is a major concern. However, this is a state road and the SB, while they may try to influence the process, have no control over the state’s timetable for repaving this road.

• Approve Liquor Licenses for: La Pizza Lupo (Singleton’s Store) for Aug. 17 and Sept. 21; Vermont Golden Honey Festival on Sept. 8

• Updates were provided on the progress of the Waste Water Treatment Facility.

• Utility line boring will begin on Oct. 8 on the Depot Street bridge and should be completed by Nov. 1. Vtrans will advertise and award bids for the bridge replacement this fall, with construction slated for spring 2019 and the schedule for first use being Oct 2019.

• Approved the renewal of the Solar Bond Anticipation Note in the amount of $309,000.

• The Town Highway Garage construction is on target and should ready for use by the first of November. Note: The Cavendish VT Facebook page is providing photographs of weekly progress on the construction.

• Approved extending the deadline for Tax Appeal Hearings until Sept. 10.

• East Road Culvert project has been completed and the Greenbush Rd. Culvert is currently being replaced and will be completed by the time school opens.


Water Testing on the Black River: Please check the Cavendish VT Facebook page, which will post the results as soon as they are received.

Thank you to CCCA and Sponsors: In spite of having to cancel several concerts, the 2018 concerts on the green series finished this past Wednesday. Special thanks to the organizer of this event Cavendish Community and Conservation Association (CCCA), particularly Sharon Huntley and Peter LaBelle, and to the many sponsors that helped make this possible.

CTES to Receive State Safety Grant: Cavendish Town Elementary School will receive a school safety grant of $10,821.75, which they must match up to 25 percent. This round of funding is  for interior and exterior door locks, in-door and outdoor public address systems and other infrastructure upgrades to improve safety. Additional funding will be available for developing emergency plans, training and safety exercises.

GMUSD Board Meeting Aug. 22: During Tuesday night’s Green Mountain Unified School District (GMUSD) board meeting, Joe Fromberger (Andover), produced an email from Brad James of the Agency of Education saying that GMUSD had qualified for the Act 46 transition grant of $150,000, but the Ludlow-Mt. Holly Unified Union School District had not. Doug McBride (Cavendish Representative) agreed with Fromberger. Board chair Marilyn Mahusky (Chester) asked that legal counsel be sought on this. Nursing cuts were revisited and the board agreed to stick with the three-nurse model. Chester Telegraph.

Be Aware of the Cute Caterpillar: The white hickory tussock moth caterpillar has a white, fuzzy body with black spots. Those spots are filled with venom, used as a defense mechanism against predators. "Little black like almost little spines that stick up, and if you touch those they will cause a stinging reaction to your skin.” The caterpillars are found mainly in wooded areas, but also in backyards. They drop down from trees and are in easy reach of children. If you get stung, contact your medical provider as often people get a rash but it can be severe depending on your skin’s sensitivity. WCAX

VT Residents Input Needed on Marijuana Law Survey: Your input is needed on an eight-question survey. Results will be used to inform our communities about the new recreational marijuana law in Vermont (effective July 1, 2018). Participant feedback will also be used to  identify  useful information for communities about safe, responsible use of marijuana by adults.  The survey is anonymous and will take about 5 minutes.

Sponsored by the Green Peak Alliance, a network of partners for healthier communities. Click here to take the survey.

3. BACK TO SCHOOL TIPS FOR PARENTS OF TEENS: Another beautiful Vermont summer is coming to a close, and kids will soon be transitioning from the backyard to the schoolyard. It’s natural to want to trust your teens and give them a healthy sense of independence as they head back to school. But the truth is that while our teens deserve our trust, they also deserve our commitment to helping them stay on track and out of trouble.

It’s important that parents pay extra attention to teens’ behavior during such times of transition. Research shows that teens often literally can’t help but make bad decisions. During the teen years, the part of the brain responsible for making complex judgments is not as mature as the parts dedicated to emotion and motivation. So it’s only natural for emotions and impulses to win out over good judgment. At the same time, the incredible changes that take place in the brain during these years leave it very vulnerable to the effects of alcohol and drugs—meaning that the decisions your teens make now could impact them for life.

Constant monitoring of your teen can seem overwhelming. Instead, identify a few areas of concern that help you set clear boundaries. Here are a few tips you can use to help your teen.

1. Know your teen. Ask questions often and get to know your teen’s friends.

2. Limit access to dangers. For example, keep your alcohol under lock and key and monitor the quantity.

3. Monitor your child when you’re at work or out of town. For example, know your child’s schedule—and have her check in from each destination and when she reaches home.

Learn more helpful tips and strategies to keep your kids and community safe with ParentUp, an initiative of the Vermont Department of Health at If you think your teen is drinking or using drugs, find information and help at


AUGUST 29 (WEDNESDAY): First day of school. Please drive carefully. The 2018-2019 School Calendar is now available on-line. 

SEPTEMBER 3 (MONDAY): LABOR DAY. School and town office closed.

 For information on upcoming events, go to the Cavendish Connects Calendar. For area events, check the Okemo Valley Chamber of Commerce calendar.