Cavendish Streetscapes: Raise Our Flags!


Various members and organizations of the Cavendish community have joined together to create Cavendish Streetscapes, whose mission is To under take volunteer-led community initiatives to beatify our shared spaces and instill pride in our community.  

One of their first initiative is the Raise Our Flags project, which was begun the summer of 2018, when flags lined Main St. in the in Proctorsville. Through community support, both Cavendish and Proctorsville villages will have flags hanging by Memorial Day 2019. Not only does this help to showcase our villages, it also serves as a traffic calming measure.

Steering Committee: The steering committee for the project includes: Carolyn Solzhenitsyn, Rolf van Schaik, Julia Gignoux, Martha Mott., Mary Ormrod, Doris Eddy and other members and organizations in the Cavendish community.  

Costs: The largest expense associated with the project is the purchase and replacement of the approximately 90 flags, plus hardware, that are needed.

How You Can Help: If you would like to help with this project, you can send a check payable to Cavendish Streetscapes to:

Cavendish Streetscapes

PO Box 605

Cavendish VT 05142

For a minimum donation of $50, you can dedicate a flag to a community member, family, friend, neighbor or someone who has made a difference to the town.

Honor Flags: To date funds for flags have been donated for:

• Richard Edwin Bradley, Sr WWI veteran

• Richard Edwin Bradley, Jr WWII Veteran

• George F. Davis-Civil War Veteran

• Jeff Davis-For his many years of service to the Cavendish Volunteer Fire Dept

• Louis Dobblemann-Civil War Veteran

• Herbert and Florence Eddy

• Charles Gould-Civil War Veteran

• Carmine Guica-Cavendish historian and WWII veteran

• Jim Hasson: The Ewalds would like to dedicate a flag to the "Mayor of Knapp Pond." In addition to his service to our country-WWII Veteran who served right through the Vietnam War, Jim has been a wonderful friend and neighbor. Because of men and women like Jim we are able to Raise the Flags in Cavendish.

• Henry Hryckiewicz: “To the grandpa, thank you for your service.”

• Arthur Hill Jr - Korean War Veteran

• Donna Hiromura Saydek: Artist (Teruko Design) and friend to the community

• Alma Jaskey

• Al Leonard - WWII Veteran and neighbor extraordinaire

• Gloria Leven- Dedicated board member of the Cavendish Historical Society and the Cavendish Library as well as long term volunteer at the Cavendish Town Elementary School

• Harry and Mavis Lindberg

• Roger “Yogi” McNamara

• David J Montesi Sr-USMC

• David J Montesi Jr-Paramedic Evergreen, Co and one year cancer survivor

• Kevin Mott-Veteran

• Margaret S. Parke-Friend of the Cavendish Library and mother of Peggy Svec

• C.Andrew Odell Jr.-Veteran

• Vivienne-Granddaughter of Frank & Ariadne Van der Post

• Proctorsville Fire Department Present and Past Fire Fighters: The "thin red line flag," which is black and white except for one stripe of red hangs in front of the fire department.

• Frank Provance Sr.

• Deryl Stowell- Founding member and long time member of Cavendish Snow Fleas

• Richard Svec-Former Town Manager

• Yekaternia Svetlova- Aeronautical engineer, exiled from Russia, lived in Cavendish for almost 20 years

• Joyce Tiemann-Friend of the Cavendish Library