Breaking News: CTES Principal Petition

In response to a failed attempt to secure an “interim” principal for the Cavendish Town Elementary School, a petition was started last Thursday, April 19 to request that the position be posted as full time and permanent, thereby increasing the likelihood that a viable candidate will be found before the start of the 2018-2019 school year.

This morning the following e-mail was sent to Meg Powden, superintendent of the Two Rivers Supervisory Union.

Meg Powden,

In response to the lack of effective candidates brought to the Cavendish community in the search of the interim CTES principal, along with the outcome of the only remaining candidate not accepting the offer, we are asking you as the Superintendent to immediately reinstate the CTES principal position as Permanent and Full-Time.

We released a petition online as well as within local business and town offices in Cavendish, Chester, Baltimore, and Andover, which asks people to sign if they align to this statement:

“As a resident in a community that is part of the Green Mountain Unified School District, I am signing this petition to ask the Board to immediately and publicly reinstate the position of Principal at Cavendish Town Elementary School to a permanent, full-time position, and to re-open the search for candidates for this position.”

After only a few days, we have over 200 signatures and counting.  With each passing day, the groundswell of those adding their names to the petition grows.  Reinstating a permanent principal position is clearly the will of the voters.

The role of principal is critical to promoting a sense of community; consistency for parents, students and teachers; excellence in education; and minimizing the negative effects of the changes our district has seen with the Act46 consolidation.

You have the chance to gain the support of the community by doing what we know is right for our school and our town.  Therefore, we request that you immediately change the job posting to full-time and permanent, dropping “interim”.

If this is a GMUSD decision, we ask that you call an emergency GMUSD board meeting this week to approve of this change. 


Denise Reilly-Hughes

Margo Caulfield

Carolyn Solzhenitsyn

Sara Stowell

Sara Cook

Abraham Gross

Amanda Gross

Kevin Hughes

Julia Gignoux

Ignat Solzhenitsyn

Robert Naess

Powden has replied that she has forwarded this request to GMUSD Chairmen  Marilyn Mahuskey