2018 Cavendish Election Results


For a mid term election, Cavendish set records with its turnout (584 voters) as well as the high number of absentee ballots filed-103 were requested with 86 returned. Since the mail for Nov. 6 had not been checked at the writing of this post, it is possible that additional absentee ballots were received, thereby slightly changing counts. However, there would be insufficient votes to change final outcomes.

 With about half of registered Cavendish voters voting, 25 people registered to vote between Oct. 5 and Nov. 6, with an additional nine registering and voting on Nov. 6.

 Below are the results for Cavendish, with the overall winners noted in bold. Cavendish voted in agreement with the majority of the state with the exception of State Senate where Randy Gray beat Dick McCormick by two votes. However, McCormick was ultimately elected for Windsor County.

 Governor: Phil Scott (319); Christine Hallquist (170); Trevor Barlow (52); Remaining candidates received 13 or fewer votes a piece; 12 did not vote

 US Senator: Bernie Sanders (335); Lawrence Zupan (204)) remaining candidates received less than 10 votes each with 12 not voting.

 Congressional Representative: Peter Welch (325); Anya Tynio (189); Cris Ericson (42); Laura Potter (6); 15 did not vote

LT Governor: David Zuckerman (290); Don Turner (254); Murray Ngoima (16); 19 did not vote

 State Treasurer: Beth Pearce (319); Richard Morton (234); 27 did not vote

 Secretary of State: Jim Condos (310); Brooke Paige (214); Mary Alice Hebert (29); one write in and 26 did not vote

 Auditor: Doug Hoffer (265); Richard Kenyon (247); Marina Brown (30); 37 did not vote, one write in

 Attorney General : TJ Donovan (318); Janssen Willhoit (206); Rosemarie Jackowski (25); 30 did not vote; one write in

 State Senator (Vote for 3): Alice Nitka (319); Alison Clarkson (235); Randy Gray (216); Dick McCormack (214); Jack Williams (194); Wayne D. Townsend (164); Mason Wade (28); 367 under voted; 3 write ins

 State Rep (Ran unopposed): Annemarie Christensen (351); Write in 135 (127 were for Michael Kell)

 Probate Judge (ran unopposed): Frederick Glover (476); write in 3; 101 did not vote

 Asst. Judge (Vote for two both unopposed): Jack Anderson (362) Ellen Terie (303) undervoted 487; Write in 8

 State’s Attorney (Ran unopposed): David Cahill (470); did not vote 108; 5 write ins 2

 Sheriff (Ran unopposed): Michael Chamberlain (462); did not vote 113; write ins 5

 High Bailiff (Ran unopposed): Michael Manley (456); did not vote 122; Write in 2

 Justice of the Peace (7 positions, five names on the ballot): Dan Churchill (363); Doris Eddy (347); Sara Stowell (336); Janelle Smith-Wilfong (296); Wendy Regier (283); of the 83 write ins, Stu Lindberg received 52 votes and will become a Justice. No other write in candidates received sufficient votes to be elected.