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Please note the new expanded coverage for the Events section. This section includes local activities for Halloween.

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10/26/18 Cavendish Update

1. Cavendish Select Board Meeting 10/15/19

2. Cavendish Related News

3. Quilt Raffle at the Cavendish Fletcher Community Library

4. Events

1. CAVENDISH SELECT BOARD MEETING 10/15/18: Select board (SB) meetings are recorded by Okemo Valley TV and are available at their website and on Comcast Television.  Written minutes are available at the town’s website. According to the “Unapproved” Minutes from the Oct. 15th meeting, the following actions/discussions took place:

Depot St Bridge: Boring and replacing utility lines will begin the week of Oct. 22. Concerns about the design of the bridge have been raised by the Goodman’s, as the industrial looking steel would extend into their yard. Vtrans is ready to put the project out to bid. The Goodmans don’t want to hold up the project but would like to see if it would be possible to upgrade the railing if the Town paid for it. They have also offered to donate the $500 landscaping stipend. Town manager will be talking to VTrans and will get back to the Goodmans.

Junk Yard Ordinance at 223 Main Street: The owner of the property has received a letter from the Town indicating that the Junk Yard Ordinance is now in effect. Mr. Merritt has been cleaning up the property and is beginning to put up a stockade fence along his property line to hide the yard. While compliant with the Ordinance, it would not address the health issue of the rats. The situation will continue to be monitored.

 Ambulance Coverage: Ludlow Ambulance is looking for solutions to offset expenses, as the lack of volunteers has resulted in the need to hire paid staff. Cavendish is paying $37,500 for FY 19 service, which is less than the $50,000 originally asked for. The question was raised whether Okemo Mountain subsidized the ambulance service, which is frequently used during the winter months. While the answer was no, it’s important to note that the ambulance fees levied on the various towns are based on a per capita assessment, therefore, Okemo’s usage should already be figured into their tax bill for Ludlow.

That noted, an article from April 11, 2018 edition of the VT Journal stated “During the annual Ludlow Town Meeting, residents were able to discuss topics of interest for the 2018 fiscal year. One of which, was the added subsidy of $53,000 that was being requested by the Ludlow Ambulance Service. Although it was approved, many residents are still unsure as to why the cost was added to the budget.” During the winter months, when Okemo ski resort is in operation, additional demand is made on Ludlow Ambulance. During the SB meeting, SB and Ludlow Ambulance crew member, Mike Ripley, implied that Okemo had their own crew, which handles a lot of incidents that occur on site and therefore did not add a significant number of calls. While there may be some confusion in the minutes, it’s important to note that Okemo Ski Patrol/First Aid Room relies on Ludlow Ambulance to provide transport and paramedic care and it’s not uncommon for Ludlow Ambulance to respond to multiple calls on very busy days. As part of this discussion, and with a new owner of Okemo, Vail, it maybe prudent to do an analysis of transports.

Waste Water Aeration System: It should take 2-3 weeks to remove the sludge from the first lagoon after which the aeration lines can be instilled and the lagoon refilled. The remaining 2 lagoons will be done next year. The SB approved the VT Bond Bank loan in the amount of $86,000 for the WWTF Aeration System Replacement Project. The voters approved a bond of $790,000 and the SB approved the expenditure of an additional $75,000.

Town Garage: As soon as the roof and walls are up, interior work can begin. The goal is for winter occupancy.

Road Work: Repaving on Twenty Mile Stream was slated for Oct 17th. VTrans will be putting a shim coat on some areas of Route 131 and should be completed by Oct. 31.

Other: The board approved the motion to award Bruce McEnaney, Asst. Town Manager, a quarterly stipend of $300.00 for cell phone and mileage reimbursement.



GMUSD Board Mtg-CAES Repairs Budget: In addition to being given an update on the renovations at the Chester Andover Elementary School, the Green Mountain Unified School District (GMUSD) voted to approve $5,770 to ARC Mechanical Contractors for connecting the water main to the boiler room. A new budget is required for the coming school year and once again “vision committee” was discussed. Beth Randolph, one of the new hires as district school nurse has resigned, with Two Rivers Supervisory Union (TRSU) superintendent Meg Powden stating the reason for leaving as “not a good match.” Chester Telegraph

Cavendish Streetscapes Has Goals Beyond American Flags: The American flags that line the village of Proctorsville may be ready to come down within a month to be stored for the winter, but that doesn’t mean that the group that put them up is done with their plans. The Cavendish Streetscapes Committee, the 11-person group responsible for organizing the effort that lined Route 131 through the town of Proctorsville with 34 flags this past summer, is just getting started. According to the Committee’s Acting Board Chair Rolf Van Schaik, future plans include increasing the number of flags, incorporating different types of flags such as Vermont state flags or flags that represent different groups, and expanding their efforts to include plantings on the Proctorsville green or in other areas around town. In fact, the committee is currently putting together a landscape plan with a goal to “create an area with benches where people can gather in small groups in a park-like setting.” VT Journal

Deer Rifle Season Nov. 16-Nov. 25: Hunters are gearing up for the start of Vermont’s traditionally popular 16-day rifle deer season that begins Saturday, Nov. 10 and ends Sunday, Nov. 25. A hunter may take one buck during this season with at least one antler having two or more points one inch or longer. A point must be one inch or longer from base to tip. The main beam counts as a point, regardless of length. Spike-antlered deer, mostly yearlings, are protected during this season. A 2018 Vermont Deer Hunting Guide can be downloaded from the department’s website at The guide includes a map of the Wildlife Management Units, season dates, regulations, and other helpful information.

Notre Dame to Launch first English Translation of Solzhenitsyn memoir at Fall Conference: Ignat Solzhenitsyn — renowned conductor and pianist, and son of the late Russian novelist Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn — will speak at the University of Notre Dame for the launch of the first English translation of his father’s memoir, Between Two Millstones, Book 1: Sketches of Exile, 1974-1978,” published by University of Notre Dame Press at the centenary of the author’s birth. “Between Two Millstones” is a two-volume work chronicling Solzhenitsyn’s 20 years of exile in the West — the pain of being separated from his homeland and the chasm of miscomprehension between him and Western society. Book I includes Solzhenitsyn’s arrival in Cavendish, VT, where he lived for 18 of the 20 years he was in exile. The book is available from Amazon starting Oct. 30. Notre Dame News

 3. QULT RAFFLE FOR CAVENDISH LIBRARY: Raffle tickets are now on sale for a beautiful quilt, created and donated by Gloria Leven.  The quilt, which measures 74” by 56” is hand tied and made of batik cloth.  Tickets are $1 each or a book of 6 for $5.  The drawing is on December 14.  The quilt may be viewed online at or at the library.  Proceeds will benefit the library.  For more information, please contact Kata at 226-7503.


OCTOBER 26 (FRIDAY): CTES Halloween Party 5-7 pm at the school. FMI 226-7824

OCTOBER 27 (SATURDAY): Dispose of Unused Drugs. See the list of sites at Cavendish Connects Calendar.

OCTOBER 28 (SUNDAY): Halloween Indoor Cycle-A-Thon, 1-3 pm. DG Bodyworks. Join the team to celebrate indoor cycling. Demonstrations, prizes, food and fun. Bring the whole family. Costumes encouraged. 1-3 pm

OCTOBER 30 (TUESDAY): Witches Nigh Out! Murdock’s on the Proctorsville Green. Witches in full outfit receive a free appetizer and a chance to win a gift certificate. Hours are 5-9.

Between Two Millstones: Book 1 Sketches of Exile 1974-1978  by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn is available for sale at Amazon.

OCTOBER 31 (WEDNESDAY): HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Trunk or Treat, 4:30-7 pm at Cavendish Town Elementary School in Proctorsville. Set up is at 4:30 with trick or treating from 5-7.

NOVEMBER 1 (THURSDAY): Two Rivers Supervisory Union (TRSU) board meeting to consider policy adoptions. Fletcher Farm-Roost, 6-8 pm. Warning TRSU Policies Agenda

NOVEMBER 3 (SATURDAY): Stick Season Social to benefit Black River Good Neighbor, Sam’s Steakhouse 6 pm. Tickets are $60 a person.

NOVEMBER 4 (SUNDAY): FALL BACK, reset clocks one hour back as standard time goes into effect. Use this as an opportunity to check smoke and radon detectors in your home.

NOVEMBER 6 (TUESDAY) : Election Day. Voting will take place from 10-7 at the Proctorsville Fire Dept, 513 Main St. Proctorsville. The Cavendish Connects Calendar includes general election sample ballot, Warning and Voter Checklist.

NOVEMBER 10 (SATURDAY)-NOVEMBER 25 (SUNDAY): 16-Day Rifle Deer Season. If you get a deer on opening weekend please report the deer at one of the biological check stations. Singleton’s in Cavendish is a station.

 NOVEMBER 12 (MONDAY): Veteran’s Day. No School. Town Office Closed.

NOVEMBER 21-23 (WED-FRIDAY): School closed for Thanksgiving break


NOVEMBER 23 (FRIDAY): Black Friday-Shop local this holiday season.

 DECEMBER 1-2 (SATURDAY-SUNDAY): Indulgence Tour

 DECEMBER 11 (TUESDAY): Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s 100th Birthday.

 DECEMBER 14 (Friday): Quilt Raffle Drawing at the Cavendish Library. Raffle tickets are for the quilt made by Gloria Leven are $1 each or a book of 6 for $5. The quilt, which measures 74” by 56” is hand tied and made of batik cloth.  It can be seen online at or at the library.  FMI: 226-7503. 



For information on upcoming events, go to the Cavendish Connects Calendar. For area events, check the Okemo Valley Chamber of Commerce calendar.