Impact of Government Shut Down

Shut down.jpg

Congress failed to pass a stopgap measure so the federal government is now in partial shutdown.

What this impacts

Social Security, SSI, Unemployment insurance, TANF, Food Stamps: Benefits will continue, but applying and appealing may be stopped.

Medicare and Medicaid: Payment may be delayed for providers but the programs will continue to operate

Not Affected

• Veteran’s Hospitals

• Federal prisons

• Local Governments, schools, libraries etc.

• U.S. Postal Service (note that new rates go into effect on Sunday. A stamp will now cost. 50¢

• Airports-Air traffic controllers, TSA officers and customs agents will continue to work at airports

• USDA Inspection of meat, poultry and eggs

• Federal Financial Aid-Note that 90% of the Education Department staff will be sent home

• Congress

• Supreme Court

• Special counsel’s Russia investigation

What is closed

• Smithsonian Museums and the National Zoo

• National Zoo Panda Cam

• Federal office Buildings: Most departments and agencies will be shut down

• IRS Customer Service-Automated processes will continue but anything that involves people will be closed

• Disaster recovery efforts

• Many government research operations

• National parks though limited access will be available wherever possible.

Possible Impact

• Federal courts: Will have three more weeks of funding

• Passport offices will likely remain open but not those in federal buildings

• Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is funded through March.

• Military is currently paid through Feb. 1. After that they will not be paid until after their shutdown

• Department of Health and Human Services: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will have a hard time with their annual flu programs. Reduced staffing is expected

Other Ways it can Impact

• Home buyers could face delays in closing. The Federal Housing Administration would halt new mortgage approvals. Since lenders often ask IRS to verify a potential buyer’s tax information, delays should be expected

Impacts in Vermont

• Vermont Guard-Normal day-today operations would cease and only essential personnel would report for work.

• Other action being taken in VT