Cavendish Town Meeting -Voting 3/7/17

With slightly more than 1,000 registered Cavendish voters, only 211 (about 20%) voted on Tuesday, March 7.  The only contested race for elected officials was for the two one-year positions for Select Men. Jillian Flinn and Mark Huntley were elected. Download the slate of elected officials for the coming year. 

As far as Cavendish Town Elementary School budget, it was passed  132 Yes, 79 No. The bond for the Aerations System for the Cavendish Wastewater Treatment Plant also passed 169 Yes, 42 No.

The GMUHS budget, voted on by Cavendish and Chester,passed  744 Yes, 214 No as did the GMUHS Bond Vote to replace the roof.  590 Yes, 371 No

The Riverside Vocational Technical Budget was approved by Cavendish voters 137 Yes, 73 No