Cavendish Update 12/22/17 News/GMUSD

Students caroling at the 4th grade classroom on Thursday, Dec. 22

Students caroling at the 4th grade classroom on Thursday, Dec. 22

 The National Weather Forecast has issued a Winter Warning Advisory for our area from Dec.22 at 7:00 am until Dec. 23 at 10 pm. Estimates are 4 to 9 inches for the next 24 hours. Wintery mix is anticipated on Saturday. More snow is being predicted for Sunday night and Christmas Day. Please use caution.


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12/22/17 Cavendish Update

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2. GMUSD Should Principal & Other Positions be Shared

3. Events


Cavendish Christmas Memories-Guica: After four long years in the war, Carmine Guica returned home from serving on Okinawa in the Pacific theater. As it turns out, this was to be his “best Christmas ever.” Read an excerpt of Carmine’s autobiography where he describes this Christmas at the Cavendish Historical Society blog.

Phineas Gage’s Accident Lego Video: Even Gage’s accident, whose 170th anniversary we’ll be celebrating in 2018, can be presented in Lego format.

2. GMUSD: SHOULD PRINCIPAL & OTHER POSITIONS BE SHARED? At Tuesday night’s Green Mountain Unified School District (GMUSD) board meeting, there was a discussion about not replacing the principal of Cavendish Town Elementary School (CTES), George Thompson, when he retires in June 2018. Instead there would be one principal for Chester Andover Elementary School (CAES) and CTES with a “dean of students” at each school. The sharing of personnel across schools is also being considered for nursing-one nurse would oversee GMUHS, CTES and CAES determining the needs for each school and a half time director for CTES and CAES extra curricular activities.

The issues being raised are important ones, as is evidenced by the on-going dialogue on the Cavendish Town Elementary PTO Facebook page. How would the principal be shared? Is it based on student population? What specifically is the role of the principal? One parent noted, Was there an explanation provided as to why this proposal is being made? What is the anticipated value of having a dean of students at each school with a principal sharing both schools? Is this configuration supposed to be better for the students? What about the teachers?

Clearly these are questions that need to be answered. Some will be addressed by the board but more importantly voters will be deciding in March whether to approve budgets.

To learn more about what is being discussed, have your questions answered and/or voice your concerns, consider the following:

• Attend GMUSD board meetings, which are open to the public. The Finance Committee of GMUSD will be meeting on January 2 at 6 pm at the Fletcher Farm office and their monthly meeting will be January 9 at 6 pm, location yet to be announced.

• Watch meetings on-line at if you are unable to attend.

• Cavendish Connects posts school board minutes and agendas. Notification of their availability appear in the Cavendish VT Facebook page as well as in Friday’s Cavendish Update. Other places to check include the CTES Warned Meetings Calendar or the Two Rivers SU Calendar

• Contact the Cavendish representatives on the GMUSD board-

 Fred Marin,

Doug McBride,

Kathleen Lamphere



DECEMBER 24 (SUNDAY): Christmas Eve services will be held at 6 pm at the Cavendish Baptist Church and 8 pm at Jackson Gore



For information on upcoming events, go to the Cavendish Connects Calendar. For area events, check the Okemo Valley Chamber of Commerce calendar.