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 9/30/16 Cavendish Update

1. Cavendish Related News

2. Cavendish: Creepy, Eerie and Haunted

3. Cavendish Community Luncheons

4. Tesla Batteries From GMP at Energy Fair

5. Events


Cavendish Civil War Memorial Cleaned: Thanks to the town crew, Bruce McEnaney, Svetlana and Kem Phillips,  Bill Jansak (Birdman) the Cavendish Historical Society, and Al Glidden the Civil War Memorial is now clean. No one seems to know the last time this was undertaken. For comparison, the Washington, D.C. Lincoln Memorial is power washed (no more than 300 psi) twice a year. The goal is to wash the Civil War Memorial at least every three years, but more if possible, in order to avoid the build up of mold, lichens etc. In assessing the condition of the monument, the effect of acid rain has been significant and “spalling” is occurring. Acid rain” speeds weathering, resulting in stones being permanently damaged, as it leaves a rough, pitted surface, making writing and art harder to distinguish. Don't expect to see a white monument as to obtain this you need to use chemicals that could further damage the stone. CHS follows the National Park Service’s guidelines for cleaning. Pictures of the cleaning are available at the Cavendish VT Facebook page.

Congratulations to Betty McEnaney Realtor of the Year: Betty McEnaney has been named the VR Realtor® of the Year. This award honors a Realtor® member who has demonstrated outstanding leadership as a real estate professional and as a member of their community. In 2003, Betty started The Goodwill Project with a commitment to donate 5 percent of every dollar earned to a non-profit that serves Vermonters. The recipients are selected by her buyers and sellers. To date, she has donated more than $125,000.” Betty’s civic service includes work with CPBR’s Sammy Pierce Scholarship Program, Green-Up Day, and the Cavendish Historical Society. She is a volunteer for the PanMass Challenge, a fundraising event that has raised more than $46 million to help support the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. She has also served as a director of the Cavendish Town Elementary School Board and the Green Mountain Union High School Board. She is a past director of the Okemo Chamber of Commerce, co-chair of the Building for Books fundraiser, which helped to built a community library in Cavendish. Press Release

Construction Update for the Gulf Rd Project 9/29/16: The contractor has continued to alternate between placing flowable along the project embankment and installing soil nails. Approximately 50% of the 75 nails have been installed. Soil nail installation activities will continue through next week. The 28-day closure period for this project is from September 9, 2016 thru October 6, 2016, and all project work will be complete by October 28, 2016. The project is located on Cavendish Gulf Road near Green Mountain Railroad Corporation milepost 21.059. The project work extends 100 feet along the railway embankment and Cavendish Gulf Road in Cavendish, VT. See Cavendish VT Facebook for pictures of the site.  If you have any questions regarding this project, call 802-324-5522.

Low Levels of Carcinogen Chromium-6 in New England Drinking Water: The carcinogen often referred to as the “Erin Brockovich chemical” is present in about two-thirds of the drinking water across the country, according to water testing data from the Environmental Protection Agency. Low levels of chromium-6 have been found in drinking water in New England, including in Vermont.  The federal government recognizes that even at low levels it can be harmful, but the EPA has not yet set an enforceable drinking water standard for states to follow. One challenge to treating drinking water in New England is it’s hard to tell where the chromium-6 is coming from. VPR

Vermont Snakes are on the Move: Fall marks the time when Vermont’s snakes may travel long distances to return to their den sites for the winter. The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department is asking people to keep an eye out for snakes while driving to avoid running them over and also to report any snake they see while out and about. These sightings will help to document the distribution of different snake species in Vermont. To send a report, go to, or email Andrews directly at Press release 


2. CAVENDISH: CREEPY, EERIE AND HAUNTED: For many years, the last day the Cavendish Historical Society (CHS) Museum is open has been the society’s annual cemetery tour. This year, breaking with tradition, it will instead be an opportunity to learn about the creepier parts of Cavendish.  

Since the summer, CHS has been collecting stories about places that are believed to be haunted and/or have a creepy feel to them. Who knew that both the Proctorsville Fire Dept. and the Golden Stage Inn have “visitors” that go by the names of Homer and George respectively? Various people have described the unseen children that laugh and talk in what was once a classroom at the Duttonsville School.

At one time Woodstock had a medical school. In fact, Dr. Williams, the first doctor who administered care to Phineas Gage after his famous tamping rod accident, was a graduate. It wasn’t just their alumni that came to Cavendish but also medical students turned grave robbers who frequented the area-particularly the Twenty Mile Stream Cemetery. Seems they needed bodies for their anatomy lab.

On Sunday, October 9 from 2-4, at the Museum (1958 Main St, Cavendish) CHS will share the stories they’ve been collecting and look forward to hearing from members of the audience. This is a free event open to the public. FMI: 802-226-7807 or


3. CAVENDISH COMMUNITY LUNCHEONS: After a break for the summer, Gethsemane Church is once again providing a community luncheon. For October, it will be on Tuesday, Oct 4 noon at the Parish Hall off of Depot St. The menu is pork loin on braised red cabbage, carrots and potatoes with dessert.  All are welcome.  


4. TESLA BATTERIES FROM GMP AT ENERGY FAIR: At the Cavendish Energy Committee sponsored Energy Fair this Saturday, October 1st from 10am to 2pm at the Cavendish Town Elementary School, there will representatives from a variety of public and private enterprises to talk to you about a variety of energy related topics, including solar.  Among those in attendance will be a rep that can discuss the new Tesla Batteries that GMP is offering.  



OCTOBER 1 (Saturday): Energy Fair 10-2 and Winter Close Swap 10-12 both at Cavendish Town Elementary School multi purpose and Arts rooms.

OCTOBER 4 (Tuesday): Community Luncheon, noon, Parish Hall Gethsemane Church off of Depot Street Proctorsville

For information on upcoming events, go to the Cavendish Connects Calendar. For area events, check the Okemo Valley Chamber of Commerce calendar.