Cavendish Update 3/18/16 SB Mtg/Cell Service/News/Events

3/18/16 Cavendish Update
1. Cavendish Select Board Meeting 3/14/16
2. Cavendish Related News
3. Cell Service in Cavendish
4. Texas Hold’em March 19
5. BRGN Needs Donations for Spring Rummage Sale
6. Cavendish RabiesClinic
7. Events
Select board (SB) meetings are recorded by LPC-TV and are available at their website and on Comcast Television.  Written minutes are available at the town’s website.  The following action was taken at Monday night’s meeting:
• Organizational Meeting-Only a few minor changes were made from the 2015 list, which appears on page 9 of the current Town Report
• Approved use of the town greens for the Annual Town Wide Tag Sale-July 30
• Approved a second class liquor license for Mini Beez Store
• Discussed the Solar Ranger Project in Ludlow and the public hearing on March 17
• Received a report from the Telecommunications Committee
• Approved and adopted revised Cemetery Regulations.
For a more in-depth report, go to The Dish.
CTES 6th Graders Teach WWII History:
Thanks to LPC-TV, Cavendish Elementary 6th graders videotaped their various WWII reports. They cover such diverse topics as the enigma machine; the holocaust, D-Day, the Manhattan project, poisonous gases; ships; USA’s place in the war; top 10 tanks; Battles of the Aleutian Islands; and the role dogs played in the war.
Springfield Hospital Implements New Security Protocols: Effective March 14, Springfield Hospital will institute enhanced security procedures in the Emergency Department. For the safety of all patients and staff, the Emergency Department will become a locked area. Emergency Department access for family members and visitors will require a sticker for identification. Family and visitors wishing to use the cafeteria will be instructed to exit and re-enter through a secured door. When the cafeteria closes for the evening, family and visitors will be restricted to the Emergency Department area and visitors will not be allowed access to the rest of the hospital without escort. Effective immediately, all patients, family and visitors are asked to always enter the Emergency Department through the Emergency Department main entrance. During early implementation of this new policy, Emergency Department patients and visitors who come to Springfield Hospital’s main entrance will be identified and instructed regarding appropriate access to the Emergency Department. Eagle Times
VTel Defaults On Federal Cell Service Money: The federal government says the Springfield-based company VTel has defaulted on money awarded to provide cellular phone service in some parts of Vermont. The state is also waiting for the company to meet the terms of a grant to VTel for cell coverage. VTel was one of 33 service providers nationally to win federal awards in 2012 under Mobility Fund Phase I to provide mobile phone coverage in unserved areas. VTel’s $2.05 million was one of the smallest awards given out by the FCC. It was divided up based on the cost of providing service in 46 Vermont tracts, which are groups of census blocks. But the FCC says VTel did not meet the terms of the award in 35 of the tracts, which account for $1.7 million of the federal money.   The money was never given to VTel but the company will have to pay the FCC $86,000 for the defaults.  VPR
Vermonters Urged to Remove Bird Feeders: The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department is recommending that people take down their bird feeders and remove other sources of food that could attract black bears coming out of their winter dens. The warm weather and melting snow has prompted the bears to come out of their winter dens early this year. Aside from bird feeders, bears may also be attracted to pet food, barbecue grills, garbage, open Dumpsters and campsites with accessible food and food waste. Purposely feeding a bear is illegal in Vermont.
Maple Syrup and Alzheimer’s Disease: Maple syrup was included for the first time among foods that showed promise in protecting brain cells against the kind of damage found in Alzheimer’s disease. The research by Dr. Donald Weaver showed pure maple syrup extract helped prevent the misfolding and clumping of certain proteins in the brain. WCAX
Bumble Bee, Chicken of the Sea Recall Tuna Fish: Bumble Bee issued the voluntary recall of canned Chunk Light tuna due to spoilage concerns. The company says it became aware of "process deviations" at a packing facility it does not run. And though no illnesses have been reported, the deviations could result in spoilage. So Bumble Bee says it issued the recall out of an abundance of caution. The recall of over 31,000 cases of tuna includes 5-ounce cans of Chunk Light Tuna in Water sold individually or in four-packs, and 5-ounce cans of Chunk Light Tuna in Oil. The affected items were produced in February 2016 and distributed nationally. The recalled products have three specific UPC codes: 8660000020, 8660000021 and 8660000736. And all are marked with a can code that starts with a "T." Click here to see the complete list on Bumble Bee's website and for information on reimbursement. There is a similar recall for Chicken of the Seas. Click here for more details on the recall from Chicken of the Sea.
So the long awaited answer to why many people in Cavendish have experienced significant cell service loss starting in the late spring/early summer. When the carriers went to 4G, giving much better service, the area they covered shrunk. For more in depth information, go to the Telecommunications section of Monday night’s select board meeting report.
So how to fix this.
• Microcell of femtocell devices operate through the Internet to provide cellular service, even when you don’t have a signal at your house. It takes very little bandwidth and those people in town with these devices really like them. Contact your carrier for more information on the best devise for your phone. You can expect to pay $200-$350. However, some people have been able to get them for free or at reduced cost from their carrier due to changes in service availability.
• Booster. This will be a cheaper option than a micro or femtocell device but it does require that you are getting some sort of signal to the home. It’s also going to require positioning and the use of an antenna. This does not require you to go through your computer.
• Change Carriers: Depending on where you live, some carriers are better than others. You can keep your number when you change carriers.
The Telecommunications Committee is exploring the possibility of installing one of the 400 microcell towers the state purchased from CoverageCo to improve cell service on the roadways. These devices are generally installed on utility poles and need both AC power and broadband Internet access. They have a range of about ¼ mile, so they are placed about ½ mile apart along a road.
 Enjoy an afternoon of cards with your friends and neighbors.  Gethsemane Church is hosting a Texas Hold ‘Em Poker game at the Proctorsville Fire House on Saturday, March 19th  Call 802 484-7431 to   reserved seat at the poker table, or just show up and register at 11:30 a.m.  The game begins at 12:30 with a $75 Buy-In and Re-Buys available.  Pay out based on the number of players.  Pay off will be 60% of the proceeds from the Buy-In & Re-Buys.  Rules are available ahead of time.  Food Concession available.
5. BRGNS Seeks Rummage Sale Donations
Black River Good Neighbor Services is seeking donations of saleable goods for their annual spring rummage sale, which includes clothing, shoes, housewares, books, and furniture of all types. There is a big need for bureaus and dressers, beds, bunk beds, bedding, dining and kitchen tables and chairs, and small appliances and tools.  They do not accept large appliances or televisions. Proceeds from the sale are used to purchase food for the food shelf or used for financial assistance programs in the community. Black River Good Neighbors is a 501(c)(3) charity and donations are tax deductible. If you have something to donate, please bring it to the thrift store.  For large items, please call ahead to 802-228-3663.
For your convenience, a rabies clinic for dogs and cats has been scheduled for April 2 (Saturday) 9-11 at the Proctorsville Fire Department. The cost is $15 per animal and is open to the public. Proctorsville veterinarian Dr. Diane Johnson will be administering the vaccinations. For Cavendish residents, please register your dog at the Cavendish Town Office.
March 18 (Friday):
Bingo Cavendish Elementary School this Friday night at 6pm.
March 19 (Saturday): Texas Hold’em at Proctorsvile Fire House, 12:30 pm to benefit Gethsemane Church.
March 20 (Sunday): FIRST DAY OF SPRING Spring Sing rehearsal, 12:30 at Gethsemane Church, off Depot St.
March 24 (Thursday): Holy Thursday
March 25 (Friday): Good Friday
For information on upcoming events, go to the Cavendish Connects March Calendar.