Notice to Cavendish Water System Users: Systems Maintenance 2/16

During the past two weeks the Cavandish Municipal Water System has been performing maintenance tasks on the filtration system under the guidance of the filtration equipment manufacturer. Some of these activities may have caused some temporary light coloration in the finish water. Not all, but some parts of the distribution system have experienced this tint to the water. Reports have shown that the central part of the distribution network has been affected while consumers at the ends of the system have not. This condition is hoped to be short lived and several of the folks who have reported coloration have subsequently reported that the water has already cleared.

Consumers should be assured that, at all times during the maintenance activities, the water has remained potable and does not present any health issue. Testing, both routine and extra, by both in-house and outside labs, has been conducted and has detected no evidence to suggest any health concern.

If system users have any questions about this matter, they are requested to contact the Town Manager at the Cavendish Town Office either at 226-7291, in person, or by email at townmanager Reports of coloration or other observations are also welcome at the same contact points as such feedback is valuable to us in operating the water system and detecting and responding to situations that may arise.