Cavendish Election Results Nov. 8, 2016

Cavendish had 703 voters cast ballots with the candidates below receiving the majority of votes. If overall winners differ, they appear in parenthesis.  For more detailed voter information, download the PDF of the Cavendish election results report. 

President Hillary Clinton (Trump)

U.S. Senate Leahy

US House Welch

Governor Phil Scott

Lt. Gov Randy Brock (Zuckerman)

Treasurer Beth Pearce

Secretary of State Jim Condos

Auditor Dan Feliciano (Hoffer)

Attorney General T. J. Donovan

State Senate Windsor Alice Nitka, Mark Donka, Allison Clarkson (Clarkson, Nitka, McCormick)

State House Windsor 2: Stuart Lindberg- (Annmarie Chirstensen) 

Justices of the Peace Elected were as follows: Wendy Regier; Dan Churchill; Sara Stowell; Barbara Dickey; Richard Svec; Janelle Wilfong; Ginger Wilk