Select Board Meeting Agenda 11/21/16

The Cavendish Select Board will meet on Nov. 21 (Monday) in the Cavendish Town Office at 7 pm.  The Agenda will be as follows:

1. Call the meeting to order

2. Consider a resolution to request a reclassification of Quent Phelan Road, TH #9, from Class III to Class II town highway. This reclassification would be in concert with companion efforts by the Town of Ludlow. Ludlow is in the process of reclassifying Commonwealth Avenus and Barker Road from Class III to Class II. Collectively, these three roads constitute a significant connecting thoroughfare between the towns of Cavendish and Ludlow. This connecting thoroughfare links Vermont Rt. 103 (Main Street in Ludlow), a Class I town highway, to Twenty Mile Stream Road (TH #2), a Class II town highway in Cavendish.

3. Town Manager to return to the Board with full information on the proposals received for the installation of heat pump equipment at the Cavendish Town Office building. The manager is requesting that the Board approve of the purchase of this equipment utilizing funds from the Town Office Renovation Fund. The low bid received is from HB Energy. There is a timeliness issue on this matter due to an Efficiency Vermont rebate program.

4. Consider a motion from a member of the Board to have the Select Board review the Town of Cavendish Conflict of Interest Policy as it may apply to current considerations of the Board in its recruitment of a new Town Manager.

5. Conduct discussion related to Town Manager recruitment. NOTE: Due to the nature of this activity, this portion of the meeting will be conducted in executive (not open to the public) session.

6. Adjourn