Cavendish Update 10/28/16 Crime Wave/TDS/Halloween


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10/28/16 Cavendish Update

1. Crime Wave Hitting Area

2. TDS Internet Update

3. Cavendish Related News

4. Haunted Trail Cancelled/Bonfire on Halloween

5. All About Using Bird Feeders in Cavendish

6. Events

1. CRIME WAVE HITTING AREA: In the last few days, Table 19 been robbed and alerts have been posted by the Ludlow, Springfield and Vermont State Police about crimes in and around our area. If you have any information about these crimes, please contact the appropriate law enforcement agency.

 • Table 19 Robbery: On 10-26-16, at approximately 0430 hours [4:30am], Vermont State Police/Westminster Barracks, received an alarm activation at the Table 19 Restaurant and Bar, in the Town of Cavendish.  Upon further investigation it was determined that a burglary had occurred.  State Police are still conducting an investigation and are asking the public if they have any information relating to this burglary, please contact the Vermont State Police/Westminster Barracks, at 802-722-4600.  Specific details are being withheld at this time to maintain the integrity of this investigation.  VT State Police

 • Town Garage Robberies: The Cavendish Town Garage was broken into and robbed on October 13. A press release was not issued for this crime. However, a robbery has taken place at the Reading Town Garage, with similar items being taken. Vermont State Police reports the following. The Vermont State Police is investigating a burglary that occurred at the Reading Town Garage on 10/19/2016. Suspects entered the garage during the early morning hours of 10/19/16 through a locked side door of the garage using some sort of pry bar to open the door. Suspects stole 2-Husquvarna 365 special chainsaws, 1-Husquavarna 55 chainsaw, 1-Homelight C-75 chainsaw, and 1-small Johnson red chainsaw. Anybody with any information regarding this burglary, please contact the Vermont State Police Corporal Harvey at 802-234-9933.

• Crime Alert Ludlow Police: Since September 1, 2016 several businesses in the Ludlow area have been burglarized. Several items have been taken including cash and safes. An arrest has been made in one case and the Ludlow Police are actively pursuing leads in others. We are asking the public for their help in these cases. Anyone with information about these recent burglaries, any other criminal or suspicious activity is asked to call the Ludlow Police Department, we don’t need your name just your information. Call 228-4411 and speak with the Duty Officer.  In the meantime we ask that everyone be extra vigilant in securing their property. Business owners/managers and homeowners should ensure their alarms and video surveillance systems are in proper working order.

• Crime Alert Springfield Police Department: The Springfield PD is continuing to receive complaints of stolen property from the North Springfield area. Most items being taken are Tools, Air Compressors, Chainsaws, Tires/Rims. This includes from businesses, private residences, and storage facilities. If you see or hear anything suspicious at night PLEASE contact 911 or call the PD directly at 802-885-2113. If you have information on who may be responsible for these events OR where they are unloading the stolen property, i.e. pawn shop, junk dealer, etc., please give us a call. We don't want your name...we want your information. You can call, message us here (yes, your name will come thru, but we will log it as an anonymous tip), or send thru our Tip Line located on our web page. ~Thank You!!

This is a good time to evaluate how secure your property is by using the Houma Police Department’s Home Security Checklist and implementing recommendations from Protecting Your Home from Break Ins. 


2. TDS INTERNET UPDATE: A year ago, TDS informed the Cavendish Telecommunications Committee about a 10 G “ring” that would be installed, in order to improve Internet connections. The Calix E7 fiber system is similar to the one used in NH, where 1 G service is now available to homes. According to TDS this is a very important step in bringing high speed Internet to Cavendish

Starting in January 2016, we have been told repeatedly that the 10 G system, with its six new junction boxes, would be operational shortly. However, the project hit a number of glitches, from failed connectors to faulty equipment.  

In a conversation with TDS on Friday, Oct. 21, they stated that the new system is now operational in the Tarbell Hill area and for the first time DSL is available to TDS customers in this location. To that end TDS subscribers on Tarbell Hill and East Road are reporting that the new system “is working great.”

By Oct. 28, four additional locations will be connected to the 10 G ring. The 6th and final connection point is Twenty Mile Stream. However, this requires equipment installation and has a completion projection date of Thanksgiving.

The speeds are estimated to be as follows (as the wire goes) from the connection point:

- 50 Mbps: within 5,000 to 5,500 feet (about a mile from the junction box)

- 25 Mbps: within 8,000 to 9,000 feet

- 5 Mbps beyond that

TDS offers a variety of speed options with different price points. Costs will depend if you are currently a TDS Internet subscriber, with lower rates applying to new customers.

Not all TDS junction boxes are being upgraded. The company has indicated that by installing the 10 G Ring with six new junction points, this should help on the “back haul” by reducing “bottlenecks” so that the Internet will function considerably better for all TDS subscribers.

It would be helpful if TDS subscribers would let us know if they see changes in service in the next few weeks. You can post comments to the Cavendish VT Facebook page and/or e-mail



• Visiting Historic Cavendish: The Cavendish Historical Society (CHS) is seeing a significant increase in visitors from around the world. To assist them in planning their visit, CHS has created a “Visiting Historic Cavendish” page. 

Springfield Man who Robbed Heritage and Gas Station in Ludlow Pleads Guilty: The Office of the United States Attorney for the District of Vermont announced that Matthew T. Martin, 32, from the Springfield, has pled guilty to a series of violent robberies he committed in 2015, including two in Ludlow. Eagle Times 

Officials Urge Vermonters to Conserve Water: Despite rain over the weekend and more in the forecast, state officials are urging Vermonters to conserve water. From Lake Champlain to streams and rivers across Vermont and New Hampshire, the region is experiencing a severe drought. "Drought is one of those we call a creeping hazard, so that means it takes a while to develop and then it takes a while to sort of come back to what we would consider to be average or normal conditions," said Lesley-Ann Dupigny-Giroux, Vermont State Climatologist. WCAX 

 • VT’s Voter Registration High, With Early Voting: According to Secretary of State Jim Condos, early voting is on the rise in Vermont, and a record number of people are now registered to vote in the November election. Condos has also asked the Department of Homeland Security to run a cyber risk assessment to test the integrity of the state's voting system. Vermont has one of the most lenient early voting systems in the country. VPR 

Governor Signs “All Payer” Agreement with Feds: On Thursday afternoon, Gov. Peter Shumlin signed an agreement with the federal government that could overhaul the health care system in Vermont. Hospitals and many doctors say the so-called "all-payer" model has the potential to improve care, and curb costs, but critics say the deal was rushed. VPR 


4. HAUNTED TRAIL CANCELLED/BONFIRE ON HALLOWEEN: Due to the adverse weather conditions leading up to Saturday night, the Haunted Trail has been cancelled. However, Cavendish Rec will instead be sponsoring a bonfire on Halloween at Greven Field from 6-9 pm. You can Trunk or Treat and still come by to warm up, enjoy some food and hob knob with the towns' best ghosts, witches, dragons and assorted other characters. Everyone is invited.


5. CAVENDISH BIRD FEEDERS: This article is in response to questions we’ve received about the use of bird feeders.

The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department recommends taking down bird feeders from April 1 through November 30 to avoid attracting black bears.  Normally, December 1 is the recommended start date for feeding birds in Vermont.  However, if there is a lack of snow this keeps some bears from going into their winter dens. “We suggest waiting for six or more inches of snow that lasts before putting out your bird feeders, especially if you have been visited in the past by bears or if there are sightings of bears in your neighborhood.”

As to when to take them down- Fish & Wildlife says warm spring weather and melting snows can cause bears to come out of their winter dens earlier than March 31 in search of a meal. Bears are very fond of suet and bird seed, especially black oil sunflower seed. Bringing feeders in at night doesn’t work, because bears will still feed on seed that is spilled on the ground.”

“Feeding birds in the winter is a source of great enjoyment for bird enthusiasts, but it can also cause diseases to spread quickly among wild birds,” says John Buck, the state’s lead biologist on migratory birds. “It is critical to clean those birdfeeders at least once a month in order to prevent a buildup of harmful pathogens.”  Buck recommends using a solution of one part bleach to nine parts hot water to kill bacteria. Hot water with unscented dish detergent also does an excellent job. Wear rubber gloves to avoid any contamination. Be sure to clean inside and outside surfaces. Rinse feeders to prevent residual chlorine from being ingested by birds and dry thoroughly before refilling. Any remaining moisture could lead to mold and mildew that can cause rotten, unhealthy seed.



OCTOBER 29 (Saturday): Cavendish Town Elementary School PTO party 5-7 pm at the school. • Haunted Trail at Greven Field has been cancelled.

OCTOBER 30 (Sunday): 1st Annual Cavendish Pumpkin Carving Contest. Drop off carved pumpkins with a flameless candle at Jill’s Place (Cavendish General Store 1900 Main Street) by 5 pm. Community judging is from 5-6 pm with prizes awarded in the following categories: 5-11 years of age; 12-17 years of age; 18+ and family/team

• Raise the Roof Concert Series: Mystery Cafe Quartet, 4 pm Gethsemane Church, Proctorsville.

OCTOBER 31 (Monday): Trunk or Treat at CTES. Set up is 4:30 pm at the school parking lot. Trunk or Treat is from 5-7.

• Trick of Treating at the Proctorsville Fire Dept. 4:30-8:30

• Halloween Bonfire at Greven Field 6-9 pm Free and open to the public sponsored by Cavendish Rec 

NOVEMBER 1 (Tuesday): Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Community Luncheon, Gethsemane Parish Hall, Depot Street Proctorsville. Menu includes Mac and cheese with ham, coleslaw, cornbread and creamy mocha frozen dessert bars

NOVEMBER 4 (Friday): Cavendish Town Elementary School Bingo Night 6-8 pm in the multi purpose room to benefit the PTO.

 For information on upcoming events, go to the Cavendish Connects Calendar.  For area events, check the Okemo Valley Chamber of Commerce calendar.