Cavendish Select Board Meeting 6/8/15

Select Board Meeting 6/8/15: Select board (SB) meetings are recorded by LPC-TV and are available at their website and on Comcast Television.  Written minutes are available at the town’s website.  Monday night’s meeting included the following:

A. Bruce McEnaney: McEnaney started work on June 1 as the new Assistant to the Town Manager. A long time resident of Cavendish, he now lives just over the border in Chester. However, he likes to note that his home was once part of Cavendish, but was changed in a border dispute in the late 1700s. McEnaney, who also is a board member of the Cavendish Historical Society, is responsible for a number of projects including the cemeteries and transfer station.

B. Bridges

• Depot Street Bridge: The SB voted to participate in the VTrans Accelerated Bridge Program. The town’s share of the cost will be 5%. Initially projections were around $1.2M, which means the town’s share would be about $60,000. Since the town/SB did not receive any comments between the May and June meetings, it was assumed that the residents would be fine with the VTrans approach. The town will have a say in in footpaths, width, as well as the look of the bridge. The bridge was recently inspected, and while having serious problems, it can still remain open with current weight restrictions.

• Davis Bridge: The work is continuing and the bridge should be completed by early summer/end of June.

• Meadow Brook Bridge: This has been more difficult to replace since its heavy occupancy is during construction season. However, town manager Rich Svec has been talking to Cold Water Bridge, the contractor for the project, about how to stage this project. With FEMA requiring all projects to be completed by Sept 1, with paper work filled by Sept. 30, is anticipated that this project will be completed this year.

C. Concert Series: Once again the Wednesday night concert series will take place on the Proctorsville Green starting July 8 and ending on Aug. 12, with a backup rain date of Aug. 19. All concerts are on the Proctorsville Green. The SB gave permission for the use of the Green as well as allowing the Cavendish Community Fund (CCF) to collaborate with American Pie to sell pizza from their mobile unit. Cavendish Connects would like to sell drinks at the same time. Vendors will be responsible for cleaning. The list of vendors is available at Summer Wednesday Night Concerts. 

D. Sustainability

• Solarize Makes Sense: The June 6th meeting was well attended and 23 Cavendish residents have signed up for a solar evaluation. Because so many people are interested in solar, a second workshop will be held on June 17, 6:30 pm at CTES.

• Composting Yard Waste: As of July 1, the Transfer Station is required to take yard compostable materials-leaves, grass clippings, dead flowers etc. There will be a charge for this service. VT’s Universal Recycling Law requires that the town provide a place for yard compost as of July 1, 2015 and all compostable matter (this includes food scraps) by July 1, 2017. This law was passed because VT only has one remaining landfill and the goal is have all compostable and recyclable materials out of the landfill. To learn more about composting, check out Composting in Cavendish

E. Municipal Water: Given the availability of the vendor, who has cleaned the wells in prior years and had the lowest price, the primary well cleaning began on Monday. Municipal water users have been asked to conserve water at this time. Conditions should be back to normal by the end of the week. The final “draw test” on well #2 can take place after the cleaning. Once this is done, the town can draw on the secondary well without having to go to the state for approval.

F. Transfer Station: There have been a number of improvements, as well as changes, at the Transfer Station. A Transfer Station User Guide will be included in the upcoming tax bill. The state inspection is scheduled for Wed., June 10. 

G. Cemeteries: McEnaney is now the Sexton and has checked all the cemeteries. Lawn mowing is underway. In response to the recent burglary of Hillcrest and Cavendish Cemeteries (a riding mower and 4 gas cans that were filled), Svec said that the police have an "evidence based" lead.  Selectmen Jillian Palmer requested that the fill dirt at the Cavendish Cemetery be moved to another location as it is unsettling to have that as your first view of the cemetery. McEnaney agreed and said he would have the dirt moved behind the shed at the back of the cemetery.

H. Administrative Personnel Reserve Fund: In order to pay for McEnaney position, funding will need to come from several different budgets (e.g. cemeteries, transfer station) and there is one fund that needs to be spent by June 30th. The board approved this request.

I. Windsor County Sheriff Contract: The SB approved their contract for the coming year.

J. Request to Change Abatement for Property Impacted by Disaster: Selectmen Wendy Regier asked the SB on behalf of the Public Service Board, if it would be possible to require that tax abatement be sought only after the property damage (e.g. fire) has been cleared. The SB, recognizing the stress of such an incident, as well as difficulties in settling with insurance companies, did not think such a policy would be appropriate. Instead, they suggested that the Public Service Board use the town’s existing “Derelict Building” ordinance.