Celebrate Earth Month/Week/Day in Cavendish

Earth Day.jpg

April is Earth Day, the 22nd is Earth Day and the 20th begins Earth week. To mark the occasion, here are some ways you can celebrate without leaving town:

1. Attend the Solar Array Dedication: Monday, April 20th at 11:00 a.m. It will be held at the new Cavendish Municipal Solar Array site, which is located off Power Plant Road next to the wastewater treatment plant. All citizens and residents of Cavendish are invited to attend. After the ribbon cutting and remarks there will be a reception with light refreshments at the Cavendish Town Offices, 37 High Street in Cavendish.

2. Protect the Bees: Try one or more of these activities this summer:

• Let the Clover, Dandelions and Wildflowers Grow: Bees love meadows, with clover being one of their favorite flowers. Cutback on the size of your lawn and let the dandelions (often their first feed after a winter in the hives) and clover grow. If you really are intent on pruning the blackberry bushes, let them bloom first and then trim.

• Avoid chemicals & pesticides in treating lawns and gardens: Research alternative methods to battle bugs and weeds. These include white vinegar, cayenne pepper and insecticidal soaps.  Note, just because a product is organic it doesn’t mean that it cannot harm honeybees and other pollinators.

• How and when you apply products: Apply products to plants when they are not blooming if possible.  Honeybees would not spend time on a plant without blooms. Apply the products during the very early morning hours or at dusk.

• Plant their favorites: Honeybees are most attracted to purple blooms, such as Russian Sage, Lavender, purple Butterfly bushes, Coneflowers (Echinacea), and Liatris to name a few.

• Learn about Bee Keeping: Cavendish is fortunate to have an active bee keeping community. To learn more, check out the VT Golden Honey Festival Facebook page and/ or call 802-226-7744  This year’s Festival will be held on Sept. 12 (Saturday) 10-4.

3. Order a Composter or Sure-Waste Container: Composting bins and Sure Waste Containers are available from The Southern Windsor/Windham County Solid Waste Management District (SWWCSWMD).

Step 1: Download the form in PDF to purchase one or both items. If you can't print out the form, the Cavendish Town Office (226-7291) is happy to do this for you. 

Step 2: Complete the form and enclose a check for $50 for the compositor and/or $5 for the Sure Waste Container. Who to make the check payable to is included on the form.

Step 3: Mail the check and form to the address included on the form by May 1.

Step 4: Pick up your items at the Cavendish Transfer Station on the date provided by SWWCSWMD. FMI: Mary O'Brien 802-226-674-9235

 4. Take a Green Clean Walk (Clean up litter in your neighborhood): With the snow receding at a rapid rate, the trash is blossoming. Take a bag and pick a mile, or whatever distance is comfortable for you,  loop by your home and pick up trash. Go for a “green clean walk” with a friend, kids, family and neighbors. Vermont Green Up Day is May 2 (Saturday). Meet at CTES at 9 to pick up bag and route. BBQ at noon on the Proctorsville Green. 

 5. Try making earth friendly cleaning products