Cavendish Update: 3/20/15 News/Tag Sale/Events

Today is not only the first day of the spring equinox- one of two days in the year where everyone on earth experiences a 12-hour day- it’s also the International Day of Happiness. As part of the worldwide celebration, post what makes you happy about Cavendish, Vermont at the Cavendish Vt Facebook page. Learn more about Celebrating the Internal Day of Happiness. And if you have the time and interest, there is a Solar Eclipse that can be seen “live” in Europe, but which you can watch in real time on-line


1. One Stop Shopping for What’s Happening in Cavendish

2. Cavendish Related News

3. 5th Annual Town Wide Tag Sale

4. Memoirs of Philip Tiemann: Chapter 3/Genealogy

5. Events

1. “ONE STOP SHOPPING” FOR WHAT’S HAPPENING IN CAVENDISH: Look on the right hand side of the Cavendish Connects homepage to see upcoming events as well as what’s trending on The Dish, the blog of Cavendish Connects.


Okemo May Be for Sale: A real estate investment trust that's considering getting out of the snow business could sell more than a dozen ski resorts from Maine to California that are worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Among the mountains being considered for sale is Okemo. 

Train Service Between VT and Montreal: On Monday, the US and Canada signed an agreement allowing the creation of a US Customs facility in Montreal. The agreement marks a long-awaited starting point for the effort to begin in earnest to restore service to Montreal. This year marks 20 years since the Amtrak Montrealer stopped running. The remaining issues include upgrading the tracks north of the border, securing train access to the Victoria Bridge across the St. Lawrence River, resolving union labor issues and paying the cost of actually operating the train. VT Digger 

 Fish & Wildlife’s Deer, Moose Hearings to be Streamed Online: Anyone who is interested Vermont’s deer and moose herd but is unable to attend this month’s hearings in person may watch the March 23 hearing on Vermont PBS’s live web stream, available at In person attendance is available at the following locations: Brattleboro High School; Kehoe Conservation Camp, 636  Point of Pines Rd, Castleton. VT Digger 

Sugar Season Officially Opened: On Tuesday, March 17, Gov. Peter Shumlin kicked off Vermont’s 2015 maple sugar season by tapping a tree at Slopeside Syrup, in Richmond, VT.

3. 5TH ANNUAL TOWN WIDE TAG SALE: Now that temps are rising and the snow is melting, many are starting on their annual spring-cleaning spree. This is a good time to put some items aside for the 5th Annual town wide tag sale, which will be held on July 25 (Saturday) from 9 – 3 pm.

Sponsored by Cavendish Connects, the following information is provided for vendors:

• The sale will be concentrated along Main Street (Route 131), with both village greens available to Cavendish/Proctorsville residents, property owners, businesses and/or community groups.

•  Anyone setting up on a village green is responsible for bringing all supplies and removing all trash and items that did not sell by the end of the day.

• Secondary areas will be off High Street in Cavendish Village and Route 103, Twenty Mile Stream and Depot Street in Proctorsville.. We will provide a list of addresses only for those vendors who want to set up in these and other parts of town. Those along High Street, Route 103, Twenty Mile or other areas should think about signage.

• The on-line site for information and vendors will be updated weekly at 5th Annual Town Wide Tag Sale. 

• The familiar red poster boards will go up two weeks before the event.

If you wish to register for space at the Greens, or have your site listed on the vendor list (print and on-line) send an e-mail to or call 802-226-7807. Please note that the more information you can provide about what you have for sale, the more shoppers you will attract.

4. MEMOIRS OF PHILIP TIEMANN: CHAPTER 3/GENEALOGY: A rainstorm makes the Tiemann’s very aware of how old and leaky their Windy Hill homestead is. Fortunately, good neighbors come to their aid with a fair price on slate and the “know how” to repair the roof of  the house. Chapter 3 of Coming to Vermont (Cavendish): Memoirs of Philip Tiemann has been posted to the Cavendish Historical Society blog. Thanks to Linda Welch, the CHS genealogist, genealogical information for Tiemann has been included in this post

If you have stories about Mr. Tiemann, we would love to hear them. You can: e-mail them to, post them to the CHS Blog or mail them to CHS, PO Box 472, Cavendish, VT 05142

To read the prelude and other chapters of Tiemann’s Memoirs go to Coming to Vermont (Cavendish): Memoirs of Philip Tiemann.

 5. EVENTS: It’s a busy weekend in Cavendish. Tonight, March 20 is Family Bingo Night at CTES. On Saturday, participate in a Cavendish tradition that is over 100 years old-the Cavendish Baptist Church’s Sugar on Snow Supper. Finally, Sunday, March 21, is the storytelling benefit at Gethsemane Church. For information on these and other events, go to the Cavendish Connects CalendarFor events in the area, see the Okemo Valley Calendar.