Do you like to sing? Cavendish Community Christmas Choir

Gethsemane Episcopal Church loves music and singing, as can be seen through out the winter as they host the Raise the Roof Concert series. Not having enough folks to form a choir on their own, they are extending an invitation to join them in forming a community Christmas choir that will sing a few special carols as a part of their Christmas Eve service-Dec. 24 (Thursday), 4 pm at the Church.

Jacob McLaughlin will be the organist and choir director for this service.  A rehearsal is scheduled for the Sunday before Christmas (December 20) at 12:30pm for those who are interested in joining this community Christmas choir.  This will be the only rehearsal and will last about 90 minutes.  The music will be familiar to many and fairly simple to learn.  

The Christmas Eve service will include a number of readings from scripture, mostly sections of the story of the birth of Jesus interspersed with related carols.  Some will be sung by the whole congregation and a few will be sung by the community choir.  Some of the service will be in candlelight, and will conclude with our traditional communion service (at which ALL are welcome).  There is no long sermon—and the service will last about an hour.

Todd McKee, the priest of Gethsemane, also notes, If there is a group of people who enjoy singing, the folks at Gethsemane are interested in organizing an ongoing community choir that could rehearse regularly in our space (we could pay a director with some grant money at first) and then the choir could share its music in various ways with the community and join us once in a while to provide some music in our church services.  If this appeals to you at all or if you have ideas related to this, please let me know.

 For more information, call Todd Mckee, 603-667-5458 or e-mail