Take the Cavendish Internet Speed Survey


There is something you can to help increase Internet speeds in Cavendish. 

In order to provide the State with sufficient data to help Cavendish qualify for Connectivity funding, so that the entire town has high speed Internet, Cavendish Connects is conducting a survey on actual speeds. This is a two-step process:
STEP 1: Before beginning this survey, please go to www.bandwidthplace.com to test your internet speed. After going to this site, click the word "Start" on the large orange odometer-like circle left-hand side of the screen. The site will test your speed and then give you a download and an upload speed. Please jot down these two numbers as you will need them for the survey.
STEP 2Take the survey
We would like to conclude the survey by October 19, so please take a few minutes and check your bandwidth now and then take the survey.
Thank you for your efforts and please email us at cavendishconnects@gmail.com with any questions!