East Rd Beaver Pond Outing Oct. 18

From Pieter van Schaik:

Last week I finally acquired two flat bottomed aluminum row boats and took a boat out on the  beaver pond yesterday with a smalI group. It was a bit of a hassle wending our way from the shore through the felled trees in the pond but in 1/2 hour we were cruising in open water.

 Much of the beaver pond is covered with lily pads and they do make rowing more strenuous even with just three people in the boat. For this reason I have acquired two boats so that a small group of up to six people can be accommodated at any one time. Each boat has seating capacity for six people but that is too much weight for a leisurely outing on the beaver pond. Eventually we encountered a second species of lily pad and hundreds of salamanders .Years ago I saw two otters in the great blue heron rookery area but I have not been on the water enough to learn what fish, if any, are present.

 My plan is to construct a small structure near the boat launch site for storage of oars and life jackets secured with a combination padlock with the same combination for that lock as for the locks securing the boats to trees with 3/8 chain. Each club member will be given the combination and will be able to access the beaver pond waters any time at their convenience. How workable this plan will prove to be remains to be seen.

 The site I have finally selected for boat launch is a channel excavated by the beavers themselves located just 75 ft over flat terrain from the parking area under the Velco transmission line off East Rd. west of Caton Place camp ground. People are free to access the pond with their own boats with no motors and life jackets . Boating is restricted to post bird nesting season, which until further notice is set to begin on August 15.

 Sunday ,Oct 18 from 9 AM -3 pm , if it is not raining, the two row boats and a canoe will be available on a pre registration basis by calling me, prior to Sat Oct 17 at 5 PM, and leaving a message with return phone number at 226 -7374.

 This event is free and open to the general public.

 In August Pieter conducted a tour of his nature preserve, including beaver pond. To see pictures of the preserve and the pond, go to The Dish.