Petitions Filed for Town Elected Positions

Monday, Jan. 26 at 5 pm was the deadline for filing a petition to hold a town elected office. Voting for these positions will be by Australian ballot and will take place on Tuesday, March 3 at the Cavendish Elementary School from 10-7 in the Arts Room. All candidates are running un opposed.

Positions not filled by write-in ballots, 10 votes are needed in order to be elected, will be appointed by the Select Board at their organizational meeting (March 9) or by the School board. 

Town Moderator: 1 Year William A. Hunter

School District Moderator:  1 Year William A. Hunter

Selectman: 3 Year Michael J. Ripley

Selectman: 1 Year Wendy Regier

Selectman: 1 Year No petition

Town Agent: 1 Year No petition

Lister 3 Years Diane M. McNamara

Auditor 3 Years No petition

Auditor 2 Years No petition

Auditor 1 Year Peter LaBelle

Library Trustee 1 Year No petition

Trustee of Public Funds 3 Years Jane Pixley

Trustee of Public Funds 2 Years Cheryl Leiner

Town Grand Juror 1 Year No petition

First Constable 1 Year Seth Perry

Cemetery Commissioner 3 Years No petition

Cemetery Commissioner 4 Years No petition

Cemetery Commissioner 5 Years Norma Randall

Town School Director 3 Years Gene Bont

Town School Director 1 Year Doug McBride

Town School Director 1 Year (of 3 yr) Sharon Huntley

Town School Director 1 Year Fred Marin

Town School Director 1 Year Barbara Dickey

GMUHS Director 3 Year Gene Bont

GMUHS Director 1 Year No petition