Select Board Meeting Agenda 9/8/14

The Cavendish Select Board will meet on Monday, Sept. 8, 6:30 at the Town Office. The agenda will be as follows:

1. Call the Meeting to Order

2. Act upon minutes of the meetings of August 11th

3. Sign Orders

4. Review Correspondence

5. Adjust agenda

6. Hear Citizens

7. Discuss recent complaints with regard to local broadband access.

8. Review of results of the special town meeting bond issue vote of 08-26-14. Town Manager to discuss with the board the procurement, legal and financial activities that now must be undertaken in order to conduct the necessary business to implement the solar project. This will include the approval tonight of a Reimbursement Resolution prepared by bond counsel to ensure that project expenses incurred will be properly reimbursed by the permanent financing proceeds and the issuance of a Bond Opinion letter from bond counsel.

9. Town Manager to review: details of the RFP for Solar Project contractor proposals; the recent Solar Project Mandatory Site Visit (08-05-14); the schedule of Select Board activities for bid opening (5 pm, September 10th) and anticipated bid award (4:15 pm, September 12th several other time frames specified in the RFP.

10. Town Manager to discuss a recent application for a FEMA Hazard Mitigation grant for the purpose of Development of an All Hazards Mitigation Plan specific to the Town of Cavendish as a replacement/update of the current plan which is a more generic Regional Planning Commission wide plan. This plan is a critical component in maximizing the town’s eligibility for disaster funds in the event of future catastrophe.

11. Town Manager to report on the Flood Resiliency Forum he recently attended in Chester.

12. Progress updates on ERP Grant Program activities and Bridge #37 on Davis Road

13. Progress update on Recreation Department

14. Update Cavendish streetlight replacements (Green Mountain Power) entails switching out the old fixtures (mostly mercury vapor) and replace them with LED heads.

15. Town Manager to update the Board on various other town activities.

16. Other business

17. Adjourn