September is Preparedness Month: Are you Prepared?

Irene and other damaging storms show us the importance of being ready for anything. Vermont is susceptible to a number of disasters: floods, blizzards, chemical spills, cyber-attack, pandemic, and other events. The best way to mitigate the impact of those incidents is to simply be ready.

September is Preparedness month in Vermont and nationwide. It's a time to figure out what you need to do ahead of time to ensure the safety of your family should an incident occur close to home or interrupt life in another way. There are simple ways to prepare, and more involved steps you can take down the road.

The Vermont Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security encourages people to have the following in their homes:

* Two days water for each person in your home

* Canned goods (and a manual can opener)

* Batteries

* Flashlights

* Battery powered radios to follow weather reports

* Over the counter medications like pain relievers and fever reducers

* Whatever else you may need if you are homebound without power for a couple of days

For more tips, go to the Cavendish Connects Emergency Preparedness website