Cavendish Update 9/19/14 Special Notice/News/Events/Internet


Cavendish’s Greenbush Rd, as it crosses the municipal boundary to the east, continues into the Town of Weathersfield and becomes their “Tarbell Hill Rd.” It continues to intersect with Vermont Route106. Weathersfield’s Tarbell Hill Rd is not to be confused with Cavendish’s Tarbell Hill Road, which is not affected by this notice.

The Town of Weathersfield will be repairing the stream bank along that road at a location about a quarter mile west of Route 106 in Weathersfield. In order to accomplish the bank stabilization, the Town of Weathersfield will be closing their part of the road to through traffic on weekdays from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm during the period from Monday, Sept. 22 through Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2014. The road closure will occur only at the work zone, which, again is approximately one-quarter mile west of Route 106. This work is part of Weathersfield’s effort to lessen damage from flooding.

Although the road will be closed at the work site, homes on Weathersfield’s Tarbell Hill Rd., which ware situated on either side of the work zone will still be accessible either from the Route 106 end from the east or from the Town of Cavendish from the west.

The 9/19/14 Cavendish Update Contains the Following:

1.Cavendish Related News

2. Blessing of the Animals in Proctorsville

3. Book Club

4. Walking with Gloria on Friday Morning

5. Events


Cavendish’s Oldest Resident Luella Butler Has Died: It is with sadness that we report the passing of Luella Butler, who was 105 years old.  She lived in the Cavendish community for over 90 years. As we celebrated her birthday earlier this year, we wondered if she wasn’t the state’s oldest resident. While we weren’t able to confirm that, we know she was certainly Cavendish’s longest living resident. Our deepest sympathies to her family and friends.  As information becomes available about services, we will post to the Cavendish VT Facebook page.

 Cavendish Meeting Minutes Available On-Line

Select Board Meeting Sept. 8 

Cavendish Library 

 Cavendish Solar Array Construction Bid Awarded to Prudent Living: On Friday, September 12, the Cavendish Select board reviewed the three applications submitted for the 150 Kw solar array and awarded the contract to Prudent Living. The Dish 

 Cavendish Slowed by Internet Service: Rutland Herald article on Cavendish’s slow Internet service from TDS. Please contact the Vermont Telecommunications Authority as the town’s letter to TDS has already been sent. 

 Former Proctorsville Resident Arraigned for Identity Theft and other Charges:  Until recently Zachary McNeill 22 lived in Proctorsville and has been convicted in the past for petty larceny, burglary, violating probation, and selling cocaine. Currently in Springfield, he was arrested on Sept. 6 on identity charges. He opened four credit card accounts under the names of two different individuals, one a close relative, after acquiring their personal information. Police say McNeill also falsified signatures on documents submitted to the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles. McNeill was charged with three felony counts of identity theft at his court hearing this past week. McNeill pleaded innocent to charges and has been released on conditions. Rutland Herald 

 Vermont’s Largest Fresh Foods Network is Flavored with Principles: They started in Proctorsville with a VW van bearing the slogan “Give Peas a Chance.” Today Black River Produce, now relocated to Springfield, employees 180-190 people, “and they all have good jobs and benefits and are able to support their families.” Congratulations to Mark Curran and Steve Birge. VT Digger 

 15th Annual River Sweep a Smashing Success: The annual September RiverSweep, sponsored by the Black River Action Team (BRAT) hauled a great deal of trash from along the Black River in Proctorsville and Cavendish. Thank you to American Pie for the fabulous pizza. Next year’s RiverSweep is Sept. 12. VT Journal 

 Enterovirus-68 Heading to Vermont: The virus, which can cause severe respiratory problems, began popping up in the Midwest earlier this summer. Now, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have confirmed that patients in 10 states, including New York, have contracted it. Patients in Rhode Island and Connecticut are also experiencing symptoms as the virus spreads east. Symptoms of EV-68 vary from mild to severe. Mild symptoms can include sneezing, coughing, and headaches-- similar to a common cold. More severe symptoms include wheezing, rapid breathing, or labored breathing. Doctors say babies and kids with asthma are most at risk. There is no vaccine for it. And while no one has died from the virus, doctors can only treat its symptoms. Doctors say stopping the virus from spreading is all about good hygiene. Learn how to prevent the flu and E-68.

Area Health Center to Receive Grant Funds: The Springfield Medical Care System will receive grant funding of $225,100 for its Federally Qualified Community Health Centers, one of which is Ludlow Health Center. The purpose of the funding is to expand service and reach out to new patients. Rutland Herald

 Health Dept. Cautions Vermonters About Hantavirus: The State Health Department is reporting that someone contracted Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome while visiting Vermont last month. The out-of-state resident who became ill was most likely exposed to mice droppings while cleaning up a seasonal home. The person has recovered. Hantavirus is a serious respiratory disease that causes fatigue, fever, headaches, muscle aches, coughing and shortness of breath. Roughly one third of people who get the virus die from it. Vermont’s last reported case was in 2000. Most people are infected by breathing in dust contaminated with rodent droppings. For those who plan to sweep out a garage or tool shed, or open up a hunting camp or trailer that’s been closed for a while,  airing the area out for half an hour before entering is recommended. VT Digger 

Got Drugs-Turn in unused or expired mediation: Sept 27 (Saturday) is National Prescription Drug Take Back Day. Unused meds and over the counter drugs can be dropped off at the Ludlow Police Dept. From 9-4, 7 days a week. A drop box is available 24/7  at the Springfield Police Dept.. Liquids & needles can be taken to the Springfield Hospital’s emergency room.

Governor Lays Out School Priorities for 2015: Gov. Peter Shumlin said he will oppose any education legislation during the next year that will cost school districts money. Shumlin would like for this to be an “implementation year” and allow the Agency of Education to work with school districts and supervisory unions to put into place the initiatives already passed by the Legislature and signed into law by the governor. Rutland Herald

Long Term Broadband Goal for Vermont: The legislature this year set new broadband goals for the state, including an ambitious 10-year objective that would essentially require fiber optic broadband to every Vermont address by the end of 2024. The Public Service Department now says reaching the goal would cost nearly $1 billion. Vermont Telecommunications Director Jim Porter says the cost calculation is in response to public comments about the state’s draft 10-year Telecommunications Plan. VPR 

 2. BLESSING OF THE ANIMALS: St. Francis of Assisi, known as the patron saint of animals, is the inspiration for the annual Blessing of the Animals hosted by Gethsemane Episcopal Church on the Proctorsville Green.  Bring your pet on Saturday October 4 to this gentle event that surrounds animals with love and protection.  Reverend Todd McKee and other participating clergy will respectfully bless each and every furry, feathered and finned critter in attendance, whether four-footed or swimming in a fishbowl.  Come ye cats and dogs, ye bunnies and lizards, ye birds and lambs to the Proctorsville Green at 1:00, rain or shine.  Pet owners should be sure to have their dogs leashed and cats in carriers.

 3. BOOK CLUB: What season is your soul in right now? Join our book club in reading “Spiritual Rhythm” by Mark Buchanan and learn more about your current season and helpful activities for each season of your soul. Thursdays at 7:00pm, starting September 25 at the Cavendish Baptist Church 2258 Main Street. FMI call (802) 226-7131

 4. WALKING WITH GLORIA ON FRIDAY MORNINGS: On Fridays, starting today, Sept. 19, at 10:00 a.m., meet at the Greven Field Nature Trail. Intrepid walker Gloria Leven has volunteered to lead a group of walkers. We will start with loops of the trail, and expand as wanted or needed. Come join her for a beautiful scenic walk on the gentle river/woods trail. One loop is about a quarter of a mile.

 Greven Field is located off of Route 103, heading west, between the intersection of 103 and Dept Street in Proctorsville and before the old Black River Produce building. If you reach the intersection of 103 and 131 you've missed it. 

5. EVENTS: Black River Good Neighbors Annual Fall Rummage Sale starts on Friday and runs through Sunday. For more information about these events and other activities, go to the Cavendish Connects Calendar. For other events in the Okemo Valley. 

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