Cavendish Update 9/12/14 SB/Internet/News/Events

Important Notice: Christine Balch posted the following to the Cavendish VT Facebook page I would like to please ask that folks be mindful that school is in session and of local speed limits. I've had two people pass me, while I was doing the speed limit, in the last week, one on 20 mile stream road and one on Depot Street on a school morning while kids were walking to school. There are several families with and without children on 20 mile stream road that enjoy walking and bike riding. Thank you.

 The 9/12/14 Cavendish Update Contains the Following:

1. Select Board Meeting

2. Cavendish Related News

3. Events

 1. SELECT BOARD MEETING: Select board (SB) meetings are recorded by LPC-TV and are available at their website and on Comcast Television.  Discussion and voting at Monday, Sept. 8’s SB meeting included:

• Continuing discussion about the poor quality of Internet service by TDS-the new Field Service representative has stated that the TDS system is maxed out and there are no immediate plans to upgrade. A follow up report on this issue is available at The Dish.

• The Solar Project is moving forward rapidly, with a vendor being selected on Sept. 12. Three vendors responded to the RFP for installing the 150 Kw solar array on Sept 10: Aegis Renewable, Waitsfield, VT; Prudent Living, Windsor VT; and a joint venture of Sovern Solar, Putney VT  and the USA Solar Store, Perkinsville,VT.

•  An update from recreation director was provided along with a discussion about the Cavendish Village Green playground construction, taking place on Sat. Sept. 13

•  Replacement of all Cavendish Village street lights (Green Mountain Power only) should be completed by the end of this week

• The Davis Rd Bridge project continues to remain on hold.

For more information about this SB meeting, go to The Dish.


Cavendish Internet Problems Continue: While there has been some relief for those who can take advantage of the newly emerging wireless system from VTel, complaints are still very high about Internet connectivity, particularly for TDS. With cell service and other local Internet providers coming into the area, TDS’s customer base-including land line and Internet- has been significantly reduced. High costs of replacing the antiquated copper system, combined with loss of market share is not much of an incentive for TDS to spend the millions needed to meet today’s standards, let alone where the Internet will be five years from now. Therefore, the information given at Monday night’s SB meeting is not surprising-TDS knows the system is maxed out but has no plans to improve it. Internet is an unregulated service, which means that Internet providers can do what they want. That said, the Vermont Telecommunications Authority (VTA) is willing to call TDS on our behalf recognizing there is no requirement for TDS to act. It’s important for people to call them as the more information they have, the better the case they can make. The number to call is 1-800-622-4496. The full report, as well as other steps TDS subscribers can take, is available on-line at The Dish

 Home Depot Confirms Data Breach: Millions of Home Depot customers could be at risk because of a data breach. The home improvement giant is investigating issues with its payment systems. The company says the hacking could go back as far as April. Last week Home Depot said it was looking into a potential hack, but hadn't confirmed it. Now, it says there is evidence the system was compromised. They aren't saying how many credit cards could be affected.

CARE Program Seek info on Residents Who Need Special Help in Disasters: The CARE Program (Community Assistance Registry for Emergencies), administered by the United Ways of Vermont, E-911 and VT 211, works to identify Vermont residents who would require special assistance in an emergency.  If you, or someone you know, would need special help in an emergency, please complete the form located on the E 911 website. VT Digger 

 Do You Phone While Driving? In just a few weeks, holding your cell phone while driving will be illegal in Vermont. The new law goes into effect on Oct. 1. Drivers can still use portable phones — but only if they do not hold them in their hands to make and receive calls. “So the law is now totally hands free.” "You have to have your phone in some type of cradle or have some type of Bluetooth device within your vehicle where you can communicate basically with a one-touch to activate and de-activate." VPR 


Saturday, Sept. 13, events include:

•  The Vermont Honey Festival at the Golden Stage Inn (10-4)

• Hazardous Waste Collection (9-noon)

• Cavendish Green Play Ground Park Build (Volunteers needed starting at 8 am)

On Sunday, Sept. 13, the Annual Phineas Gage Walk and Talk program at the Cavendish Historical Society Museum starts at 2 pm.   For more information about these events and other activities, go to the Cavendish Connects Calendar.

 For other events in the Okemo Valley