Election Results

With 185 (18% of registered voters) ballots cast, the Cavendish Solar Bond was approved by a margin of 133 to 50, with two blank ballots. According to town manager, Rich Svec, the plan is to have the bid and selection process completed with a contract awarded by mid September. Svec informed those in attendance at the Town Meeting on Monday night that the town’s “certificate of public good” has been extended, which allows construction to begin at the site immediately.  

Turn out was higher than in most primary years, which was attributed to the solar bond vote. For the state in general, very few Vermonters cast ballots and it’s possible that voter turnout will be the lowest in the state’s history.

Primary election results were as follows, with the overall winners names in bold and how Cavendish voted in brackets. There were many "write-in" candidates, many of which are not listed below. For a full report on Cavendish voting, please contact the town office 802-226-7292.

Representative to Congress: Peter Welch (D) [81]; Matthew Andrews (Liberty Union) [3]; Mark Donka [58]

Governor: Peter Shumlin (D) [71]; H. Brooke Paige [13]; Scott Milne  [53]

Lt Governor: H. Brooke Paige [1]; Phil Scott [70]; Dean Corhen [8]; Marina Brown [3] Deb Markowitz [1]

State Treasurer: Beth Pearce [73]

Secretary of State: Jim Condos [67]

Auditor of Accounts: Doug Hoffer [70]

Attorney General: H. Brooke Paige [21]

William H. Sorrell [54]

State Senator: John Campbell [62]; Dick McCormack [68]; Alice Nitka [79]

VT Attorney General: Bill Sorrell (D)

State Representative: Mark Huntley [72]; Stuart Lindberg [20]

Probate Judge: Joanne Ertel (D) [65]

Asst Judge: Jack W. Anderson (D) [56] Ellen Terie 54

State’s Attorney: Michael Kainen (D) [60]

Sheriff: Michael Chamberlain [60]

High Bailiff: Michael E Manley (D) [63]; Raymond Herb III  [53]