Cavendish Select Board Meeting Agenda 12/8/14

The Cavendish Select Board will meet on Monday, December 8, 6:30 pm at the Cavendish Town Office. The agenda will be as follows:

1. Call the Meeting to Order

2. Act upon minutes of the meetings of November 10th

3. Sign Orders

4. Review Correspondence

5. Adjust agenda

6. Hear Citizens

7. Sheila Grace of the Public Advocacy Division of the Vermont Public Service Department

present to inform the Select Board of the role of the Public Service Department in the

proposed New England Clean Energy power Link Project. An attorney for the project will

likely also be in attendance. Ms. Grace hopes to engage the Board in a discussion about the

project as part of the PSB activities before taking a position on the project. The proposed

project would bring power from Canada to the Coolidge substation in Cavendish to connect

to the power grid.

8. Starting at 7:15 pm - Review and hear presentations on External Appropriations Requests for

FY2015-16 Budget - schedule:

a. 7:15 pm - Senior Solutions

b. 7:20 pm - RSVP

c. 7:25 pm - Visiting Nurse & Hospice

d. 7:30 pm - VT Rural Fire (N. VT Resource Council)

e. 7:40 pm - Black River Good Neighbors

f. 7:45 pm - LPCTV

g. 7:50 pm - The Current/Connecticut River Transit

h. 8:00 pm - Black River Senior Center

i. 8:05 pm - SEVCA

9. Town Manager to discuss with the Board a proposed schedule of FY 2015-16 budget work


10. Town Manager to provide updates on current projects: Solar; Bridge #37 and Bridge #27.

11. Brief update on Water System activities including progress on the O&M Manual, the

permitting of well #2 and the Chief Operator position for water and wastewater operations.

12. Town Manager to update the Board on various other town activities.

13. Other business

14. Adjourn