Cavendish Election Results 11/4/14

Of 1,059 Cavendish registered voters, 475 (45%) voted in the November 4, 2014 election. The ballot form used was designed for electronic scanning, but the town opted to use a manual count to save money. The combination of high voter turnout for a non presidential election and manual tabulation delayed results until after midnight.

The only contested seat was for state representative, with Stuart Lindberg (I) challenging incumbent Mark Huntley (D). Since this seat is for the towns of Weathersfield and Cavendish, the combined total gave Huntley a narrow victory of 13 votes. Huntley received 207 (Cavendish) + 434 (Weathersfield) for a total of 641 votes versus Lindberg’s 249 (Cavendish) + 379 (Weathersfield) . There was one write-in and 18 voters chose not to cast a ballot for this seat in Cavendish.  Indications are that Lindberg is requesting a recount.

State senators John Campbell (D), Dick McCormack (D); and Alice W. Nitka (D) ran un opposed as did Doug Hoffer Auditor of Accounts; Probate Judge Joanne Ertel; State’s Attorney Michael Kainen; Sheriff Michael Chamberlain and the town’s Justices of the Peace.

The Vermont House of Representatives will include 91 Democrats, 53 Republicans and five from other parties or no parties as all. In the Senate, the makeup is 20 Democrats, nine Republicans and one Progressive.

Other Cavendish voting was as follows, with an asterisk before the name indicating the winner..

Representative to Congress: * Peter Welch (D) 234; Mark Donka (R) 196; Cris Ericson (I)  26; Matthew Andrews (Lib Union) 2; Randall Meyer (I) 1; Jerry Trudell (I) 2

Governor: The margin between the candidates was a little over 2,000 votes. While Shumlin has delivered a "victory speech," Milne is considering asking for a recount.   Scott Milne (R) 203; Peter Shumlin (D) 202; Dan Felician (Lib)  50; Cris Ericson (I) 5; Emily Peyton (I) 4; Bernard Peters (I) 3; Peter Diamondstone (Lib Union) 2

Lt Governor: * Phil Scott (R) 305; Dean Corren (P/D) 134; Marina Brown (Lib Un) 20

State Treasurer: * Beth Pearce (D) 262; Don Schramm (Prg) 78; Murray Ngoima (Lib Un) 63

Secretary of State: * Jim Condos 223; Ben Eastwood (Prg) 77; Mary Alice Herbert (Lib Un) 77

Attorney General: * William H. Sorrell 213; Shane McCormack (R) 206; Rosemarie Jackowski (Lib Un) 27

Assistant Judge: Ellen Terie 276; Jack Anderson 257

High Baliff: Raymond Herb III 220;  Michael E. Manley 196