Yogi McNamara FunRun Results

On November 1, 93 people participated in either the 10 K (14 runners) and 5K (79 runners) of the first Yogi McNamara FunRun. Results were as follows:

10 K: 14 Runners. Only one person Colin Bishop, 14 from Springfield, competed in the under  18. Of the remaining contestants, the three women finished with Krissy Chambers of Cavendish first (4th overall), Leslie Boyle of Ludlow took second (5th overall) and Svetlana Phillips of Cavendish took third (10th overall). For the men, Scott Renfro (from GMUHS) finished first followed by Patrick Cook of Cavendish 2nd and Zed McNaughton, of Springfield, 3rd

5K, 79 runners competed with the following results

• Female Overall: Erin Boxer, Ludlow, 1st; Colleen McNamara, Cavendish, 2nd and Elise Croteau of Uxbridge, Ma 3rd.

• Male Overall: Jerry Tucker, Ludlow, 1st; Jace Provance, Proctorsville took 2nd and Keegan Ewald, Cavendish took 3rd. Note that Jace and Keegan are 15 and 14 respectively.

• Up to 12: The top finishers were all from Cavendish-Reid Hryckiewicz 1st; Tierney O’Brien, 2nd and Liam O’Brien 3rd.

• Ages 13-18: The top finishers were all from the town of Cavendish-Josh Woods 1st; Sarah Martel 2nd; and Andrew Gould 3rd.

Congratulations to all the participants.